Types of Ice Machines and Features to Consider for Your Business

Commercial Ice and water machine

An ice machine is not only the extra touch you need to enhance any drink at work, but it’s also an effective way to boost morale and ensure proper hydration in your workforce — and the benefits don’t end there. If you’re considering an ice machine for your business, here’s everything you need to know so you can find the most fitting option for your organization. 

The Most Common Types of Ice Machines

When it comes to ice dispensers, you’ll be happy to hear there are plenty of options to choose from. The most common types of ice machines to consider for your business include:

  • Freestanding ice makers
  • A countertop ice machine or portable ice maker
  • Undercounter ice machines
  • Commercial bin ice makers
  • An ice bagging machine

A number of these machines are available as touchless dispensers as well. This has become a critical feature for businesses and workforces as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Safer environments for employees will quickly become a demand, as a report from Cision PR Newswire even found that 60% of employees would take a lower paid job if it had a healthier working environment. Utilizing a touchless ice maker is beneficial to maintain top health standards in your workplace while offering your employees and customers some much-needed peace of mind. 

Ice Machine Features to Consider for Your Office

While you explore all of the commercial ice makers that might be the right fit for your business, it’s important to consider the specific features you’re looking for as well. 

Ice production and storage capacity

In terms of ice production and storage capacity, it’s critical to recognize how much ice your business typically needs per day, as well as the type of ice you’re looking to obtain. For organizations that encounter less daily usage, smaller or sleeker machines, such as freestanding ice makers or countertop ice machines, might just do the trick. If your organization or industry tends to run through ice quickly, then a larger commercial ice machine that’s capable of high-capacity ice production and storage is the way to go. 

After considering your business’s typical ice production, you’ll also want to contemplate the ice type you’re pursuing. The most common types of ice you’ll run into include:

  • Cube ice
  • Flake ice
  • Nugget ice
  • Bullet ice
  • Crushed ice
  • Crescent ice
  • Dice ice
  • Tulip ice

Ice shape may seem trivial, but it’s more than meets the eye. Different ice can have unique functions — which makes some ice more suitable for distinct industries and businesses than others. 

Other considerations

You might also want to take into account whether the machine you have in mind for your business utilizes drainless technology or not. A drainless feature allows you to put your dispenser virtually anywhere in the building, so this might be a vital element if you would prefer to decide exactly where the machine should be placed.

Because switching to an ice maker, from more traditional ice delivery methods, is an initial investment, price is often an important factor. However, it’s significant to note that customers renting a smaller ice dispensing unit can expect to pay the same as they would for a 20-pound bag of ice per day. For businesses in need of larger ice machine units, they are essentially paying the same as two 20-pound bags of ice per day. While utilizing a commercial ice machine is an investment, it’s certainly worthwhile in the long run. 

The Benefits of an Ice Machine

An ice machine can provide more than just ice to your business. You can leverage a host of benefits as a result. The main advantages a commercial ice machine can bring to your business include:

  • Promoting health in your workforce: If your workers aren’t hydrating enough, you’re likely to see the damaging effect this can have on your business operations. A commercial ice maker with delicious nugget ice, ice flakes, or any ice type you prefer, might be just what your business needs to drive hydration in your working environment. 
  • Giving your organization a competitive edge: Implementing an ice maker may seem simple, but it’s an effective way to separate yourself from your competitors. The added touch of gourmet ice to your employees’ water or soft drinks may be the extra amenity they need to stay hydrated and get through their day successfully. 
  • Keeping employees happy: Hydrated employees are more likely to be happy employees. A report from Good News Network found that 67% of adults who drank a sufficient amount of water daily considered themselves “very happy.” A commercial ice maker can help your business successfully boost and maintain workforce morale.

Getting an Ice Maker for Your Business

A commercial ice dispenser is a valuable way to offer your employees and customers a seemingly simple amenity that can provide your business with an abundance of excess advantages as a result. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of an ice maker, Quench® can help you navigate the process with ease. 

Explore all of your options for Quench ice machines or try our product finder to get matched with the machine that’s the best fit for your business. Once you’re ready to get started on your journey to delicious, clear ice for your drinking water, get a free quote.