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Vero Premium Sparkling
& Still Water Dispensers

Experience pure refreshment with our advanced suite of sparkling and still water dispensers. 

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Vero Premium Sparkling & Still Water Dispensers

With four different systems and a complimentary set of glass bottles, our Vero Water product line is designed to ensure effortless operation and seamless integration.

Chilling Capacity: 25 Liters/Hour.
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Vero Tower 70
Chilling Capacity: 180 Liters/Hour.
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Chilling Capacity: 180 Liters/Hour.
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Chilling Capacity: 180 Liters/Hour.
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Holds 950 mL of Still or Sparkling Water
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How It Works

Vero’s proprietary purification and bottling process enables businesses to purify, chill, fill, and serve unlimited still and sparkling water on-site and on demand. 

We run your local tap water through our innovative Vero+ filtration process to remove contaminants and leave you with refreshing water that your employees, guests, and customers will love.

Plus, an ample supply of our Vero still and Vero sparkling one-liter bottles are provided with your system. Vero glass bottles are specially designed for reuse and simple cleaning and are durable enough to withstand daily washes in industrial dishwashers.

Vero Water: How it Works
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Are you searching for a way to serve great-tasting bottled water to your guests? Well, you could transport bottle after bottle from overseas, and in the process emit tons of greenhouse gasses and create mountains of waste detained for landfills. Or you could choose Vero Water — the better way to offer great-tasting water that your guests will love. We run your local tap water through our innovative Vero+ purification process — removing impurities and creating the crisp signature taste of Vero Water.

Only Vero offers a countertop system capable of providing a consistently great-tasting product–no matter your local water condition –perfectly chilled and freshly filled on demand. You can offer Vero Water to your guests, still or sparkling. You’ll bottle it on-site in a matter of seconds, never running out and needing minimal storage and refrigeration.

Our scratch-proof glass bottles are treated with a special process, allowing them to be sanitized in your dishwasher before  being refilled and served to your next guest. By reusing the bottle, you’ll dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and go green in the process.

Best of all, with our low fixed monthly price, Vero only costs a small fraction of what your old bottled water used to. The Vero way limits your environmental impact,  saves you time, and makes you more money. Clearly better than bottled water. Serve Vero Water.


A breakthrough in engineering, our proprietary Vero+ purification system reduces impurities, chemicals, and imperfections while consistently delivering our crisp signature taste every time — regardless of your local water quality. After filtration, the water is perfectly chilled and delivered still or sparkling to our signature, reusable one-liter glass bottle in a matter of seconds.


See What Our Clients Have To Say
Trusted by the Best of the Best
Quench USA Inc.
Our customers appreciate the eco-friendly aspect of the program, and they love the taste of the water.
Quench USA Inc.
Because we do so much volume, our profits are far better than selling bottled water. My savings throughout the year are fantastic.
Quench USA Inc.
Vero Water is one of the greatest innovations that our industry has actually seen in the last 20 years.
Quench USA Inc.
Not having a lot of water bottles going to waste every day is a great thing for us.


Save Plastic
Vero Water is a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles. At last check, Vero systems and our reusable glass bottle solutions have prevented over 100 million 16-ounce, single-use plastic water bottles from polluting oceans, waterways, and landfills.
Save Water
It typically takes up to three liters of water to manufacture a single one-liter plastic water bottle. When you switch to Vero Water, you cut out all the water waste associated with manufacturing plastic bottles. With Vero, one liter of water = one liter of Vero Water.
Reduce Carbon Emissions
Businesses that replace single-use water resources with point-of-use solutions like Vero Water systems are responsible for the emission of 95% fewer tons of CO2 every year—for businesses of 50 daily users.
Demonstrate a Commitment to Sustainability
A survey by the National Restaurant Association found that 58% of adults said they were more likely to visit a restaurant that was environmentally friendly.

Why Choose Vero

Superior Guest Experience
Guests enjoy consistently pure, crisp, great-tasting water and the convenience of reusable glass bottles.
Financially Superior
Reduce costs, increase profits, and eliminate shrink.
Unmatched Customer Service
Seamless implementation, on-demand sales, tech, and marketing support, streamlined operating protocols, and more.
Eco-Friendly Solution
Served in uniquely designed, luxury reusable glass bottles, Vero Water eliminates single-use plastic bottle waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my hospitality business’s profits with Vero Premium products?

Charge per guest or table with free refills! For a fixed charge of $2-$4 per guest, you can offer unlimited pours of still and sparkling Vero Water all meal long. This affordable upsell opportunity offers your guests an elevated and more sustainable alternative to single-use bottled water or unfiltered tap water.

You can also charge per bottle consumed. If your hospitality business already sells bottled water to over 30% of your guests, simply offer Vero Premium Water instead, and we’ll cut your cost per bottle in half with low fixed monthly rates.

Where can I learn more about Vero Water success stories?

Our solutions are proudly served in establishments ranging from the number one restaurant in the world to casual independents across the nation. Click here to explore all of our customer success stories.

What does Vero Water taste like?

Served perfectly chilled with every pour, Vero’s unmatched signature taste is pure and crisp, noted by a distinctively luxurious mouthfeel and a light and refreshing finish. A profile that cleanses the palate and enables the taste of food and other drinks to take center stage.

Can you rent a Vero Water system?

The Vero Water bottling system is available for monthly lease with all maintenance and filter changes included at one low price — regardless of the amount of water consumed.

How can a Vero Water system streamline my hospitality business operations?

The entire Vero Water system is designed for ease of use and seamless integration. We install our eco-friendly Vero+ water filtration system directly at your existing water source, calibrate the unit, and provide a complimentary set of bottles.

Who is offering Vero Water to their guests?

Our unmatched taste makes us the water of choice in many of the world’s finest hotels and dining establishments, namely industry-leading hotel operators like Ritz Carlton Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Regency Hotels, and MGM Resorts International, as well as award-winning culinary destinations headed by chefs such as Dan Barber, Daniel Humm, Emeril Lagasse, Gordon Ramsay, and many others. In fact, in 2011, Vero was featured in the NASDAQ Next Great Consumer Brands Showcase.