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Vero Glass Bottles

Enjoy unlimited refills with Vero luxury glass bottles—the sustainable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.

  • Double-annealed break-resistant glass
  • Available as clear for sparkling water and frosted for still water
  • Holds 950 mL of still or sparkling water
  • Wide 1.5” mouth for optimal pouring
  • Standard commercial dishwasher rack safe
  • Etched logo design
  • Four cases are provided with every Vero Water system
  • Additional 12-bottle cases available for $56 per case, plus tax and shipping
Ideal For:
Restaurants & Cafés
Resorts & Hotels
Cruises & Ferries
Banquet, Catering &
Conference Centers

Increase Profits With Vero Glass Bottles

Take advantage of Vero’s unique per-guest pricing strategies to see water profits soar.

Charge Per Guest/Table With Free Refills

  • For a fixed charge of $2-$4 per guest, you can offer unlimited pours of still and sparkling Vero Water all meal long. This affordable upsell opportunity offers your guests an elevated and more sustainable alternative to single-use bottled water or unfiltered tap water. 
  • You can also charge per bottle consumed. If your hotel already sells bottled water to over 30% of your guests, simply offer Vero Premium Water instead, and we’ll cut your cost per bottle in half with low fixed monthly rates. 

No matter how you’re selling water today, switching to Vero Water can save you money.

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Product Specifications
Vero Water Glass Bottles
11.5 in / 29.2 cm
Bottle’s widest section: 3.3 in / 8.3 cm
Width at bottle’s base: 2.8 in / 7 cm
Width at bottle mouth: 1.5 in / 3.8 cm
32 oz. / 950 mL
Vero Glass Bottle Specs

Promote Sustainability

Offering filtered water in elegant glass containers creates an eco-friendly and elevated hydration experience. Vero Glass Bottles are a more sustainable option, as they can be washed and reused—reducing your business’s environmental footprint.

Vero Glass Bottles can save:

  • Plastic: At last check, Vero systems and our reusable glass bottle solutions have prevented the over 100 million 16-ounce, single-use plastic water bottles from polluting oceans, waterways, and landfills.
  • Water: It typically takes up to three liters of water to manufacture a single one-liter plastic water bottle. When you switch to Vero Water, you cut out all the water waste associated with manufacturing plastic bottles. With Vero, one liter of water = one liter of Vero Water.
  • Carbon emissions: Businesses that replace single-use water resources with glass bottles and point-of-use solutions are responsible for the emission of fewer tons of CO2 every year.
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Upgrade to Vero Water

Our Water Experts will contact you to discuss your water needs, the right product for your hospitality venue, and pricing.
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Vero is Trusted By the Best of the Best

Quench USA Inc.
Because we do so much volume, our profits are far better than selling bottled water. My savings throughout the year are fantastic.
Quench USA Inc.
Not having a lot of water bottles going to waste every day is a great thing for us.