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Quench Benefits for Government Offices

Modern government buildings are complicated places with vast public spaces, private office areas, and lots of thirsty staff and visitors. Government agencies at all levels rely on Quench for its broad product selection of filtered water dispensers and ice makers, state-of-the-art drinking water purification technologies, in-depth knowledge of local water conditions, installation expertise, and national service capability.

Government employees and visitors of government buildings can enjoy the following benefits from Quench:

  • Predictable fixed invoice
  • Workforce protection/water safety
  • Up to 80% savings on drinking water expenses
  • Touchless dispensing options
  • Reduced reliance on single-use plastics
  • No bottles to order or store
  • Endless supply of filtered drinking water
  • No injuries or spills from lifting heavy bottles
  • Advanced filtration & sanitization technology
Easy Installation
Regular Servicing
Professional Maintenance
Professional Maintenance

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Quench for Government
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Employees and visitors to your workplace expect a seamless transition from their home life to work life. Keeping everyone happy and healthy is keeping them hydrated. Quench has multiple hydration solutions for workplaces and facilities of any size – campuses, professional offices, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, and all workplaces in between.

These hydration solutions include:

  • our bottle free water coolers that provide clean and delicious water
  • our ice machines that produce half cubed, tulip, or chewable nugget ice
  • our sparkling water dispensers that offer healthy options with or without added flavor and
  • our coffee brewers that dispense multi-cup or single cup flavorful coffee.

For safety and the best tasting water, we offer a full suite of advanced water purification and sanitation technologies, including the amazing new filtration technology that produces quenchWATER+ – our proprietary electrolyte and mineral infused drinking water is designed for the workplace that demands healthy and great tasting water.

When it comes to cost and service, our bottle free hydration solutions provide most customers with savings of up to 50% versus their previous water delivery. And as for service, we have a national reach and a local presence. We can take care of it all. Our hydration solutions are installed by experts and regularly maintained by Quench-badged technicians at no additional cost to you.

You’ll have no more concerns about running out, switching out water jugs or finding storage space. And it’s easy doing business with Quench. We are a one stop for all office drinking water needs. We customize hydration solutions for workplaces of all sizes and in any location. To find out more about why small businesses, top hospitals, large cable providers, nationwide distributors, and over half of the Fortune 500 organizations across the continent use our solutions, speak to your local Quench representative or visit our website at quenchwater.com.

Products for Government Buildings

Water Coolers

Quench has an advanced suite of bottleless water cooler models that are designed to meet the needs of any government facility, whether you’re looking to provide hydration for low-traffic or a high-traffic offices.

Q8 water cooler teaser image
Freestanding & Countertop Water Coolers
View Product
Quench Q9 teaser image
Freestanding & Countertop Water Coolers
View Product
Quench Q9 teaser image
Freestanding & Countertop Water Coolers
View Product
Q12 water cooler teaser image
Freestanding Water Cooler
View Product

Sparkling Water Dispensers

Whether you’re looking for a solution for employees or visitors, our freestanding and countertop sparkling water dispensers are the best and most sustainable way to enjoy still and sparkling water.

Freestanding Water Dispenser
View Product
Bevi countertop flavored and sparkling water dispenser
Countertop Water Dispenser
View Product
Countertop Water Dispenser
View Product
580 countertop sparkling water dispenser
Countertop Water Dispenser
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Ice Machines

Explore our variety of ice dispensers that use advanced filtration technologies to remove contaminants and impurities while suiting your capacity needs and delivering the cleanest ice.

952 water and ice dispenser teaser image
Freestanding Ice Machine With Water – 8.8 lb. storage
View Product
Freestanding & Countertop Ice Machines With Water – 7 lb. storage
View Product
Freestanding & Countertop Ice Machines With Water – 16 lb. storage
View Product
Freestanding & Countertop Ice Machines With Water - 12 lb. storage
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Coffee Brewers

Filtered water combined with the highest quality coffee brewing equipment is the foundation for great-tasting coffee.

Pod Coffee Brewer
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Quench 171 pod coffee brewer teaser image
Keurig® Pod Coffee Brewer
View Product
Keurig® Pod Coffee Brewer
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Nespresso Pod Coffee Brewer
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See What Our Clients Say About Quench
Quench USA Inc.
Switching to Quench saved us over $1,200 a year! 
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Quench USA Inc.
Best in the industry when it comes to billing, service, and product. Highly recommend Quench service for any business type.
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Quench USA Inc.
Easy to coordinate/order, and incredibly fast installation. Tech was in and out in 10 minutes. Machine works great -- we are so happy!
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Quench USA Inc.
Quick, convenient service. They come in and change the filters regularly without us having to schedule maintenance. Plus, I love that the billing statements are via email now. Effortless services for a good price. Thanks!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Quench provide my organization with clean, safe drinking water?

Quench machines use point-of-use (POU) filtration and purification technology, including reverse osmosis and carbon filtration, to take government spaces’ hydration to the next level. Our filters are NSF/ANSI 42, 53, and 58 certified by an independent authorized 3rd party laboratory, which guarantees your drinking water is free from harmful levels of contaminants.

Are Quench water coolers ADA compliant?

Beyond filtering your water, Quench freestanding water coolers adhere to ADA compliant standards — ensuring all those who need a drink of water can easily get one.

Click here to access Quench’s ADA Compliance Information Sheet.

Which government organizations use Quench systems?

Quench has years of experience working with government office buildings, school districts, post offices, regional railways, courthouses, police, fire stations, and large federal agencies. We understand the complexities of procurement, RFP, and budgeting processes, and even offer dedicated customer service teams for multi-location offices.

Here are just a handful of government offices that use Quench:

– U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

– U.S. Department of the Treasury

– House of Representatives

– U.S. Food and Drug Administration

– United States Postal Service

– Indiana Department of Education

– New Jersey State Police

– Commonwealth of Kentucky


– Los Angeles Sanitation Department

– Chicago Public Schools

What does service and preventive maintenance for a Quench dispenser look like?

Whether you’re looking for just one or multiple filtered water dispensers and ice makers, Quench technicians are trained to handle the most complicated installations without disturbing your guests. One of our certified Quench-badged technicians will also routinely conduct an 11-point inspection and maintenance service on your drinking water solution from Quench to ensure everything is in working condition.

How much money can Quench point-of-use systems save my organization?

Our customers save 30 to 80% of their water cooler costs. With the high markup of water cooler prices, 90% of what consumers pay for with bottled water goes toward bottling, shipping, marketing, profit, and other hidden costs — not on the water itself. With Quench, our fixed monthly rental and planned maintenance ensure you have no hidden expenses in your water price that can cause spikes in your company’s spending.

What is a water cooler/dispenser?

A water cooler or dispenser is a machine that dispenses safe, filtered drinking water on demand typically in offices and workplaces. A point-of-use dispenser is plumbed into an existing water supply to provide an unlimited stream of safe drinking water. Traditional water coolers and dispensers can often be cheaply made, have limited options, and be bad for the environment. With Quench, not only is each machine made with high-quality materials where users can choose between ambient, extra hot, and sparkling water, but they can also enjoy unique technology that delivers unrivaled water filtration and protection.

How does a water cooler work?

Quench water dispensers connect directly to your building’s existing water supply. As the water is pulled into the system, it passes through several stages of filtration, which often include a carbon filter and a reverse osmosis filter. Once your water is clean of harmful contaminants, our water coolers will add back beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.  Users can then enjoy freshly-filtered, great-tasting water. 

Can water dispensers work without electricity?

Here at Quench, we offer a range of different water dispensers designed to suit all requirements. All of our plumbed-in water coolers require a connection to a power supply to provide great-tasting, filtered drinking water. We advise that all units are continually connected to a power supply to ensure the water is chilled correctly. Our skilled and experienced installers can help find the perfect location for your water dispenser.

How do you use a water dispenser?

Quench water dispensers are an easy-to-use hydration solution. You simply need to push a button or use our touchless dispensing option to fill your glass with great-tasting, freshly-filtered water. Depending on which water dispenser you choose, there will be a range of water options available to you, including ambient, cold, hot, extra hot, and sparkling. These are all easily selected using the simple controls on the machine.

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