Improving Your Office Water Supply With Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

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If you want to provide your workforce with the highest quality water, it might be significant to ensure reverse osmosis is involved in the filtration process. Reverse osmosis drinking water can be an important step towards pure water — and happier and healthier employees as a result. We’re taking a closer look into how reverse osmosis and a water filtration system can improve your office water supply and even provide excess benefits for your business along the way.

Reverse Osmosis and Your Office Drinking Water

Essentially, reverse osmosis is a water purification process. This system uses a semi-permeable membrane to separate ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water — including contaminants, sediments, and dissolved solids. Utilizing a reverse osmosis system for your office drinking water is a valuable way to ensure you’re providing purified water to your employees, down to the molecular level. 

How does reverse osmosis work?

While osmosis refers to the process of water passing through a semi-permeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, equalizing them — this isn’t what you’re looking for in your water supply. Reverse osmosis water is the result of applied pressure in the opposite direction. Contaminants are passed through a series of filters to leave you with purified water. 

Utilizing Water Filtration Systems and Reverse Osmosis to Improve Your Office Water Supply

Considering a reverse osmosis drinking water system to improve your office water is a great first step. According to the International Water Association, implementing reverse osmosis systems in your drinking water solutions can remove up to 99.99% of all contaminants, including minerals, from your water supply. This is a considerable upgrade from tap water, which often contains inorganic minerals that the body has trouble absorbing and are associated with an assortment of generative diseases. Without a proper water treatment system, your workforce is susceptible to a broad scope of these issues, which can inevitably become a detriment to their well-being and your bottom line. 

If you’re looking for more than just treated water but great-tasting water for your office, you’ll need more than a reverse osmosis system to do the trick. Because reverse osmosis takes water down to the molecular level, it lacks taste and beneficial minerals your body needs to stay hydrated. With a water filtration system from Quench®, you get the best of both worlds. Advanced drinking water solutions with quenchWATER+ include a reverse osmosis filter, then proceed to add dissolved healthy minerals, like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium back into the water for added flavor and electrolytes. You can rest assured your office has access to an endless supply of filtered water that hydrates effectively and tastes great. 

The Benefits of Higher Water Quality for Your Business

If your business currently offers tap water to your workforce, you run the risk of negatively impacting your employees’ health with harmful contaminants, such as fluoride or lead. While The Safe Drinking Water Act was passed to set limits on the levels of these contaminants in your water supply, The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports only 91 chemicals and contaminants are regulated. This means it’s possible for impurities to go undetected and end up in your water supply. However, improved water filtration and reverse osmosis systems are the solutions to mitigate these issues, while introducing an abundance of overflow benefits as a result. 

Elevating your office environment

With an improved water filtration system, your workforce can have access to a supply of clean water that tastes great. These advanced drinking water solutions are a simple and effective way to improve your office environment and keep your employee’s happy long term. Leveraging purified water from a filtration system for your office can lead to a host of benefits including:

  • A healthy workforce: Because water purification involving a reverse osmosis system removes adverse contaminants, this improved water supply can aid in digestion, improve cognitive performance and detoxify the body — effectively fostering a healthier workforce.
  • Hydrated employees: There’s a good chance your workforce doesn’t properly hydrate throughout the day, and this can be a detriment to your overall productivity. But, offering filtered and great tasting water can promote hydration in your workforce, and with the added electrolytes from Quench machines, your employees can make the most out of their water.
  • Space-efficient: Whether your business utilizes a water fountain or bottled water delivery service, these systems can take up a lot of space. With an advanced filtration system, you can benefit from space-efficient machines that offer an endless supply of drinking water. 
  • Boosted morale and increased productivity: Hydration is not only a solution for flushing out toxins but also for staying awake and improving daily productivity. A survey from SWNS found those who drink enough water during the day tend to be more optimistic, energetic and successful. These are key elements in driving operational efficiency and maintaining employee morale in your workforce.

How Quench Can Help You Navigate Drinking Water Solutions

It’s important to keep in mind that water quality can vary from zip code to zip code, so there’s a chance reverse osmosis might not be necessary for businesses in certain locations. Luckily, Quench and our team of local water experts can help solve your water problems successfully. Quench Water Experts run water testing to determine the best water filtration system for your business so you know exactly what your workplace  needs. 

With Quench, your business can leverage improved drinking water to ensure employee hydration, boost workplace morale, and enhance your overall office environment. Quench offers a broad array of bottleless machines as customized solutions for your business — including reverse osmosis systems when required while providing mineral-infused and electrolyte-enhanced water with quenchWATER+ to guarantee your office drinking water tastes great.

If you’re ready to find the water system that works best for your workforce and your business, try our product finder or fill out a Get a Free Quote form to start talking to a Quench representative today.