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Streamlined Process

Our Approach to Acquisitions

While every acquisition is different, our considerable transaction experience allows us to streamline the process, which can often be completed in as little as three months. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Phase 1: Information Gathering We execute a non-disclosure agreement with you so that you feel comfortable sharing information we need to prepare a valuation. Then, you complete our information template and we conduct a meeting to review any questions.
  • Phase II: Letter of Intent We provide a written document that outlines our proposed price, structure, and terms as well as a target timeline for closing.
  • Phase III: Due Diligence, Contract Negotation, and Integration Planning Our acquisition team conducts a thorough review of your business to confirm our valuation and plan for a smooth integration of employees, operations, data, and IT systems.
  • Phase IV: Closing Final agreement is executed and payment is made.

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Quench USA Inc.
The Quench deal team was very thoughtful and capable; I learned a ton about all aspects of constructing a deal, including legal, financial, and integration planning. Quench has a great team in place to shepherd the seller through the sales process.
Quench employees gathered outside

We are Family!

Relationships are Integral

Quench is intensely customer focused and we are attentive to your customers’ experience during and after the acquisition to ensure that the relationships you have built remain strong. We take time to make sure your employees have an attractive career path if they transition to Quench. We offer flexible scheduling, coaching, and advancement opportunities, competitive salary and bonuses, excellent benefits, and incentive rewards for all employees.

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Quench USA Inc.
The due diligence and closing experience was extremely thorough. It was well worth the time spent as the end result post-closing was very fair and positive experience.
Quench Acquisition team

Transparent & Ethical

Quench Values

Our corporate culture extends to every aspect of our dealings with sellers – we value integrity, respect, dependability, quality, and open and honest communications. Quench’s acquisition team will work with you closely, communicate often and be transparent, discreet, professional, and ethical. If you are interested in selling your POU business – or even just evaluating your options – let’s have a conversation.

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Quench USA Inc.
I felt dealing with the acquisition team was extremely fair and above board. If we had concerns or issues, they were fairly dealt with and resolved to the mutual benefit of both parties. It was in that collective thinking that we built trust and confidence in moving forward.