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Quench offers a full line of specialty still and sparkling filtered water dispensers, commercial ice makers or machines, and custom commercial water filtration systems, especially suited for the food service industry. Our space-saving countertop and under-counter water filtration systems feature programmable filling which allows you to offer your guests their choice of fresh, filtered still water or sparkling water by the glass or carafe.

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A ready supply of great-tasting, fresh drinking water and ice is critical for restaurants, cafeterias, and other food service operations. High purity water is also essential to keep kitchen equipment in peak working order. Quench offers state-of-the-art purification technologies, including reverse osmosis filtration, tailored to your local water conditions.

The Eco-Friendly Drinking Water Solution That Saves!
Eliminate the hassles of ordering, storing, and refrigerating bottled water by switching to a filtered water dispenser. Quench filtered water dispensers and commercial ice maker machines are more sustainable than wasteful plastic bottles and Quench customers also save substantially versus bottled water delivery, often up to 50%.

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Hassles
Quench understands equipment down-time means money in the demanding food service industry. Every Quench drinking water dispenser and ice maker machine is backed by a Quench-trained service team, coast-to-coast. All preventive maintenance, filtered changes, and repairs are included in one low monthly fee.

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We’re constantly evaluating the environmental impact of our operations to make sure we get healthy organic food to our customers in the most sustainable way possible. By switching to Quench, we’re eliminating the use of plastic bottles for water storage.

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