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Considering a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for Your Business

man dispensing hot and cold water dispenser

Do your current drinking water systems give your employees, guests, and customers instant access to both hot and cold water? If not, it might be time to consider upgrading your water supply to provide your business with both options. Different drinking water temperatures have unique benefits that can promote hydration throughout your organization — ultimately […] Continue Reading

Professional Water Services — What Do They Offer and How Do I Find a Dependable Service Provider Near Me

man holding glass of water

Providing high-quality drinking water at work can have a more significant impact on your workforce and customers than you might think. Your workplace water supply is a key element in driving hydration throughout your organization, which can quickly bring your productivity and operational efficiency to the next level as a result. However, working with a […] Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About a Combination Water and Ice Machine

dispensing combination ice and water machine

When it comes to your workplace drinking water, the cleaner and better-tasting it is, the more hydrated your workforce and customers are likely to be. This has a significant impact on your team’s morale and productivity, and as a result, your operational efficiency. If a clean and delicious water supply is exactly what your business […] Continue Reading

How to Clean Water Dispenser Machines — Preventive Maintenance and When to Call Professionals

glass of water on white water dispenser

Cleaning your workplace water dispenser is incredibly important today, especially considering 87% of employees want healthier workspaces, per a wellness trend report from Fellowes Brands. Simply having a water cooler might not be enough to drive hydration if your dispenser is dirty and unappealing. Luckily, with the right procedures for cleaning in place, you can […] Continue Reading

Considering the Switch to Eco-Friendly Water Options in Your Workplace

eco-friendly water in cafeteria

Providing clean drinking water at your business is likely a priority, but it’s easy to underestimate the environmental impact of the water options you choose to offer. With sustainability at the forefront of many companies’ initiatives, it might be a great time to consider the switch to a more eco-friendly option.  This corporate social responsibility […] Continue Reading

How Is Sparkling Water Flavored?

people talking near flavored sparkling water machine

If you’ve been looking for a way to promote hydration at your business, look no further than a sparkling water dispenser. Flavored sparkling water might be the delicious alternative to regular water and sugary sodas that your workplace needs to keep your talent hydrated, engaged and productive throughout the workday. Providing your employees and customers […] Continue Reading

The True and Hidden Costs of Bottled Water Dispensers

cost of bottled water - min

If you currently use a bottled water dispenser to provide your workplace with drinking water, you might be overlooking the true costs of this practice. Bottled water delivery has been a sufficient way to promote hydration over the years, but there’s more to this routine than meets the eye. This can be costly for multiple […] Continue Reading

Implementing Proper Ice Machine Maintenance — Your Role and the Responsibilities of Your Vendor

ice machine in office

Ice machine maintenance can seem overwhelming at first glance, but it’s not as arduous as you might think. While proper maintenance is certainly necessary to ensure your machine maintains peak performance, advanced solutions and reliable vendors can make the process much easier. However, you might be wondering what exactly your role in the maintenance process […] Continue Reading

What Is Mineral Water Good for in the Workplace?

glass of water in hand

Providing high-quality drinking water to your employees, guests, and customers is always a good idea. But, what water is best to offer? If you currently supply regular water, it might not be doing enough for your workers’ and customers’ hydration and health. Moreover, this water supply might not have the delicious taste you need to […] Continue Reading

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