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Is Drinking Cold Water Better Than Hot Water?

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Organizations are increasingly aware of the true value of high-quality workplace drinking water. However, with so many options for the type and temperature of water to offer, it can be difficult to gauge what’s best for your employees, guests, and customers.  For organizations in pursuit of the best water supply to support their teams and […] Continue Reading

Why It’s Important To Have BPA Free Bottled Water – And Beneficial Alternatives To Consider

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Water is a key element in keeping our bodies functioning properly, and because of this, workplaces are constantly in pursuit of the best ways to keep their employees, guests, and consumers hydrated. Ensuring that valuable team members and consumers drink enough fluids can go a long way toward supporting organizational efficiency and productivity long term.  […] Continue Reading

Is Carbonated Water Hydrating?— Finding the Right Workplace Water Supply

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Proper hydration is essential for individuals of any age — and your business’s employees, guests, and customers are no exception. Ensuring your workplace provides easy access to clean, great-tasting water will be vital to driving hydration and keeping performance and productivity high — which is ultimately beneficial to your bottom line.   However, offering tap water […] Continue Reading

Bottleless vs. Bottom Loading Water Coolers — What You Need To Know

Hydrated employees are a linchpin in reaching organizational efficiency and productivity goals. However, to reap the benefits of a well-hydrated workforce, workplaces are in need of high-quality water systems — which ultimately encourage greater water intake. As a result, organizations are increasingly in search of the best options to provide water to their employees.  Two […] Continue Reading

5 Best Sparkling Water Makers for the Workplace

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Looking for a bubbly treat for your office or commercial space? Quench is here to help you narrow down your options. A sparkling water maker for the workplace can offer an easy, inexpensive boost to employee and customer morale. It can also improve overall hydration levels and serve as an attractive perk for prospective candidates […] Continue Reading

The Problems With Bulk Water Delivery — Considering a Bottleless Water Dispenser Alternative

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Hydrated employees are a key factor in keeping performance and productivity high in the workplace, and as a result, providing clean drinking water at work has become a growing priority for organizations.  Over the years, organizations have relied on bulk water delivery, but the associated problems and growing concerns are quickly driving organizations to a […] Continue Reading

How To Make Water Taste Better at Work — Taste Benefits of Filtered Water

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In any workplace, a hydrated workforce is essential to keeping performance and productivity high — not to mention ensuring your employees, guests, and customers are happy and feeling their best. However, if your organization offers tap water or drinking water that doesn’t taste great, then there’s a good chance your workplace water supply isn’t doing […] Continue Reading

5 Ways Your Business Can Support National Hydration Day

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Staying properly hydrated keeps our bodies running smoothly and supports our overall health. National Hydration Day raises awareness about hydration and presents an opportunity to establish good water-drinking habits. Water is the body’s second most important nutrient after oxygen, so it’s important to replenish your body’s supply of it every day.  National Hydration Day also […] Continue Reading