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What Is Mineral Water Good for in the Workplace?

glass of water in hand

Providing high-quality drinking water to your employees, guests, and customers is always a good idea. But, what water is best to offer? If you currently supply regular water, it might not be doing enough for your workers’ and customers’ hydration and health. Moreover, this water supply might not have the delicious taste you need to […] Continue Reading

Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for Earth Day 2022

green glass building with trees

Every year on April 22, the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day, and each Earth Day has a specific theme. The 2022 Earth Day theme, “Invest in Our Planet”, focuses on eco-friendly business ideas for companies to do their part in protecting the planet. Working together, individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses can make an impact […] Continue Reading

Help Your Employees Ditch the Soda at Work With Sparkling Water

Grapefruit next to sparkling water in mason jar

Hydration in your workforce should be a priority, and if your employees tend to opt for an afternoon soft drink, it’s likely not doing enough for their energy, hydration, or long-term health. A sparkling water dispenser might be exactly what your workplace needs to dump their sugar habit for a fizzy drink that’s healthier than […] Continue Reading

Proper Water Cooler Service for Office Drinking Water

Bottleless water cooler in office

Office drinking water can do a lot for your business, but it can be difficult to take advantage of the benefits it can offer without the right water cooler service in place. Finding the water dispenser that’s suitable for your business is only the first step. You need an understanding of what your water cooler […] Continue Reading

What To Avoid When Considering a Commercial Ice Machine

glass of ice water

Ice machines are an increasingly popular perk to provide for your workplace, so if you’ve been considering one for your business, you’re in good company. But, choosing the right machine can make a big difference. We’re taking a closer look at commercial ice makers and what features you should avoid to determine the best option […] Continue Reading

The Value of Quality Bottleless Water Cooler Repair and Maintenance — And the Costs of Not Doing It

bottleless water cooler with glass

A bottleless water cooler is beneficial to provide your business with great-tasting water and support hydration throughout your workplace. However, you might be wondering what repair and maintenance are involved with these machines. Luckily, advanced solutions take the burden of frequent cleanings, filter changes, and repairs off of you — so your employees can enjoy […] Continue Reading

The Future of The Office Water Dispenser — Delivery vs Installation

office water dispenser with glass of water

A hydrated workplace is essential to boost workplace morale and improve performance long-term. The benefits of an enhanced hydration experience are clear, but with so many options available, it’s hard to determine what water cooler dispenser will be the best for your business.  Let’s take a closer look into office water dispensers — so you […] Continue Reading

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