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Efficient Water Delivery

Prioritize safety and efficiency with commercial water dispensers for your manufacturing business.

Manufacturing and Distribution Centers

Quench’s commercial water and ice dispensers provide an endless supply of clean, cold, fresh drinking water to keep your team hydrated and operating at peak performance. Plus, most of our machines offer contactless solutions to ensure your guests and employees can dispense their water and ice without touching the cooler. Quench’s high-capacity, touchless water dispensers are great for health-conscious companies who wish to reduce anxiety around illness in their facilities. Learn more about Quench’s touchless water dispensers here.

Commercial Water and Ice Dispensers Offer Safety

Maximize team efficiency with an endless supply of water and ice while seamlessly conforming to OSHA’s safety standards.

  • Eliminate worries about running out
  • Reduce the risk of lifting or tripping accidents
  • Prevent damaging water leaks
  • Decrease foot traffic from outside delivery people
  • Avoid clogging floor space with installed water lines
  • Reduce cross-contamination with touchless dispensing

 Custom Commercial Solutions and Installations

Only Quench has the variety of commercial water and ice dispensers and a team of experienced technicians to offer a custom solution for manufacturing and distribution workplaces.

  • Reliable commercial-capacity water and ice dispensers that keep up with early morning demand
  • Durable hot and cold water dispensers with great-tasting drinking water for first to third shift
  • Chewable ice machines to keep water cold
  • Large dispensing areas for easy canteen-filling

Quench service technicians are trained to tackle any installation, including multi-dispenser networks, so assemblers and machinists can quickly hydrate without meandering throughout the facility.

The Cleanest Drinking Water for Essential Employees

Quench’s unique combination of state-of-the-art water filtration technologies, including advanced carbon filtration, ultraviolet (UV) sanitization, and reverse osmosis (RO) filtration, ensure an endless supply of clean, great-tasting drinking water. In addition, our hot and cold water dispensers and ice machines come standard with advanced sanitary design features like recessed spigots and touchless dispensing technology.

Join some of the biggest manufacturing and distribution companies that rely on Quench:

Pepsico, AirGas, Cintas, Sam Adams Brewery, Goodyear, Kraft Foods, UPS, ABS Freight Systems, Atlas Logistics, DHL Logistics, and Nordstrom Distribution Centers

Quench USA Inc.
Our associates used to leave tabs up on the 5-gallon water jug dispensers, which would cause spills in the warehouse. We switched to bottleless water coolers to keep the building clean and dry.


See What Our Customers Say

The employees at Big Ass Fans were drinking close to fifty 5-gallon plastic jugs per week in some of their buildings! After hearing about the space-saving and cost-saving benefits of Quench bottleless water coolers, the fan manufacturer decided to put Quench hydration solutions to the test.

Click to access video transcription

My name is Nick Williams, Special Projects Manager with the Big Ass Fan Company. We design, we engineer, and we create the world’s most energy efficient ceiling fans.

We currently employ around 450 employees. We put the 10 Quench coolers in for a number of reasons. We had the old bottled system before and had to store the bottles and had to find a place and a person to change the bottles.

There’s enough water consumption around here. We were going through 40 or 50 bottles a week in some buildings.

Now you’ve got a constant flow of water that you don’t have to worry about. Where are you storing those bottles? From the Quench system to the bottled water system, we’re saving upwards of $1,000 a month.

Employee wellness is really one of the newest focus points for Big Ass Fans. It’s all about retention and employee engagement and keeping them happy and healthy. And Quench really helps us out with that water constantly on demand.

Quench would be right now my number one pick for water consumption. It was so easy to have them come in. They were hands-off. I told them what locations I wanted them in. They ran the pipes quietly. You don’t know that they’re there. I would certainly recommend Quench.

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