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Quench 533


Touchless Sparkling Water Dispenser

Chilled Sparkling Water with Cold, Ambient, and Hot Still Water
  • Chilled sparkling water and cold, ambient, and hot still water on-demand
  • Hygienic touchless dispensing with temperature indicator lights (lights up dark blue for cold water, light blue for ambient water, red for hot water, and green for sparkling water)
  • Ice bank cooling technology
  • No splash water flow
  • Glass front panel and antimicrobial surface protection to maintain surface cleanliness
  • Self-diagnostic indicator for low CO2
  • Large 11” dispensing area and drip tray
  • Available as a freestanding or countertop model
  • Freestanding unit fits up to 20 lbs. CO2 cylinder in the base
See How it Works
The water cooler we use is very reliable and the customer service is excellent. I would highly recommend Quench.

Quench Filtration Solutions

  • Over 20 years of industry experience has made Quench the authority in safe, filtered drinking water solutions.
  • More than 100,000 businesses, including over 50% of the Fortune 500, trust Quench for their workplace water needs.
  • We offer hot and cold water dispensers, ice machines, sparkling water dispensers, and coffee brewers.
  • No matter your location, company size, or industry, we have a filtered water solution that is right for you!
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This video will take you on a quick tour of the exciting Quench 533 Freestanding and Countertop sparkling water dispenser.

The Quench 533 bottle-free sparkling water dispenser has your water needs covered with:

  • Cold, ambient, and hot filtered water plus chilled sparkling water,
  • Touchless sensor activated dispensing
  • Ice bank cooling technology to keep up with demand and
  • a modern sophisticated design with a glass front panel and temperature-indicating dispenser lights.

One advantage of the Quench 533 is that we install, maintain, and take care of it for you. Your users will love the on-demand chilled sparkling water delivered straight from the dispenser.

The Quench 533 has ice bank cooling technology that provides a high volume of cold still and sparkling water. It’s perfect for office kitchens, administrative areas, executive suites and waiting rooms.

Hygiene and cleanliness in shared spaces are essential so the Quench 533 has:

  • hygienic touchless dispensing with temperature-indicating lights,
  • antimicrobial surface protection to maintain dispensing cleanliness,
  • And splashless water flow for less mess and cleanup.

It’s easy to use and hygienic.

The large 11.7 inch dispense height is perfect for most reusable water bottles or glass carafes. Put your water bottle right under the dispenser.

At 45.05 inches high, the freestanding model is the ideal height for easy dispensing. The 17.75-inch countertop version fits under most standard cabinets. It’s small 14.1 inch by 22.5-inch footprint lets you fit it almost anywhere that there’s a power and water source nearby and allows for up to a 20-pound CO2 cylinder to fit inside the base of the machine, keeping your break room clean of clutter.

And when it comes to keeping up with your thirsty users, the Quench 533 can:

  • cool up to 15 gallons of water an hour,
  • store about four, 12-ounce glasses of hot water, more than enough for the morning tea crowd in the office and
  • provide a continuous flow of refreshing sparkling water.

That’s plenty of cold, hot, and sparkling water for any office or executive area. The Quench 533 is available as a compact free standing model or a convenient countertop version.

Water up with the Quench 533! To find out more, speak with your Quench representative or visit quenchwater.com.

About the Quench 533 FS/CT
Touchless Water Dispenser With Sparkling Water

Level up your workplace hydration with Quench's first-ever 100% touchless sparkling water dispenser.
The Quench 533 FS/CT offers an endless supply of chilled sparkling water and cold, ambient, and hot still water.
The advanced carbon filtration system in the Quench 533 reduces chemical contaminants, removes sediment and small particles, and eliminates off-tastes and odors.
Guaranteed clean, refreshing still and sparkling water on-demand for the most modern workplaces.

The Quench Difference

It’s More Than Sparkling Water

An endless supply of premium sparkling water for one low monthly fee – up to 80% less than bottled or canned water delivery.
Sparkling water dispensers help keep over 70 million pounds of plastic bottles out of landfills each year.
No ordering cans or bottles or dealing with delivery and storage. Our sparkling water dispensers connect directly to your water supply.
Enjoy great-tasting, filtered sparkling water without chemicals, contaminants, sediments, or odors.

Filtration Advantages

See the Quench Difference

A woman drinking a glass of water in her office
Quench point-of-use sparkling water dispensers use advanced filtration and sanitization technologies like carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, UV sanitization, and antimicrobial surface protection to remove sediment, reduce lead and other chemicals, and get rid of off tastes and odors.
A group of employees gathered around an office desk
Quench customers save up to 80% versus can or bottle delivery. How? By filtering water straight from your building’s pipes using point-of-use filtration technologies, you skip the costs and waste of packaging and shipping water. Quench bottleless sparkling water units eliminate hidden costs by charging a single, all-inclusive monthly fee.
A woman checking off her checklist
You’re busy; your last worry should be your office water quality. Let Quench handle your bubbly beverages so you can get back to what really matters. Quench charges one low monthly fee that covers your sparkling water machine rental(s), all the filtered water your staff can drink, plus maintenance and filter and CO2 changes to save you time.
Person holding the Earth in their hands
Canned and bottled sparkling water is not only expensive, it’s wasteful. Quench sparkling water dispensers reduce plastic waste and the pollution of water delivery by filtering your building’s own drinking water using point-of-use filtration. Each year, this equals up to 90% savings in carbon emissions versus bottled water delivery.

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