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Water Installation & Set-Up

Quench provides comprehensive service to businesses across North America.

Installation Simplified

Our installation process is hassle-free, straightforward, and typically takes less than an hour. It looks like this:

Our team arrives and locates the best place for your machine. This is somewhere close to an electrical 110-volt power outlet and a water supply anywhere in the building.
Next, we connect a water line directly from the source to your new water cooler — for example, a break room sink.
After that, we install all drains, pumps, or valves to support our filtration system, if necessary. However, these are virtually invisible as they're hidden behind walls, under baseboards, or above drop ceilings. Your service technician will determine this.
Finally, the tubing is connected to the product via an outlet plate that blends seamlessly with its surroundings. And voila! You now have a water cooler that provides fresh, hygienic water for your employees, visitors, and customers.

See How It Works

Watch this video to learn exactly what it takes to set up a Quench machine in your building.

See How It Works
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Installing a new Quench machine in your workplace is simple and straightforward.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve installed more than 100,000 water coolers and ice dispensers in settings as varied as professional offices, retail stores, showrooms, warehouses, distribution centers, hospitals, and schools.

Our service technicians undergo extensive training at our own Quench university and are fully insured. So that you know you are in good hands.

A Quench cooler can be situated just about anywhere that you need drinking water, as long as there is a suitable electrical outlet and a water source somewhere in the building. Have very high ceilings or a water source that’s a up to 200 feet away? No problem! Our installing service technician can still have your Quench machine up and running quickly and with minimal disruption to your business. Most standard installations can be completed in less than an hour.

The first thing your Quench technician will do is to confirm the location of a typical 110-volt grounded power outlet. Next, we locate a convenient water source in your building and connect a water line from the source to the water cooler, usually a break room sink. If your Quench machine needs a drain for reverse osmosis filtration your service technician will run one to the closest drainpipe, typically in a break room sink or other close by location.

We then may install a check valve, air gap, or condensate pump, but your service technician will determine and install if necessary. The water source and drain tubing run virtually invisible behind walls, above drop ceilings or under base boards. The tubing is then fed through an opening in the wall at the machine’s location. It is neatly finished with an outlet plate, like a cable television connection. Quench uses food grade tubing and high-quality fittings and our installation work conforms to local building code requirements. Ball valves are also installed at both the water source and behind the water cooler for easy shut off and machine maintenance.

Once everything is complete, your Quench installing service technician will test the unit to make sure that it is working perfectly and then leave your space as clean as he found it.

We’ll see you again when it’s time for your Quench machine’s regular preventative maintenance, usually in a year. In the meantime, all you have to do is enjoy an endless supply of great tasting healthy Quench filtered water.

Quench Q4

With reverse osmosis (RO) filtration, this model offers touchless dispensing and is best for small offices and low-traffic areas.

Quench Q5

This model is a popular choice among businesses looking to place a hydration station in medium-sized offices and break rooms. Available as a countertop or freestanding machine, the Quench Q5 provides paddle dispensing and an RO option.

Quench Q8

With similar features to our Quench Q5 model, this machine differentiates itself with touchless dispensing — perfect for businesses with a high volume of employees to serve.

Quench Q12

This sleek model offers touchless dispensing and is ideal for distribution facilities and high-traffic areas. With an option for ambient water, in addition to cold and hot water, this choice also comes with the RO filtration system.

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