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Join over 200 universities and schools that have switched to Quench.

Water Bottle Filling Stations for Schools

Educational institutions and campuses are complicated places – lots of thirsty people, multiple buildings and spaces of varied sizes and purposes, and vocal “ban-the-bottle” movements. Only Quench has a variety of water bottle filling stations, including drinking water, ice, and flavored sparkling water dispensers, to meet your complex needs. Our team of experienced technicians offers custom solutions and installation perfect for educational facilities.

Filtered Drinking Water Where You Need It

  • Reliable commercial-capacity water and ice solutions for high-traffic common areas
  • Mineral-enhanced water coolers and chewable ice dispensers for athletic spaces
  • Flavored sparkling water dispensers for dining halls and cafeterias
  • Attractive water bottle filling stations for offices and education buildings
  • Touchless water coolers to reduce cross-contamination in communal spaces

Cost-Effective, Green Solutions

How many sustainability initiatives actually save money? Switching to a water bottle filling station gives your school a quick sustainability “win” while cutting drinking water costs by as much as 80% versus traditional water delivery. One Quench machine prevents over 7,000 single-serve plastic water bottles from entering the waste stream!

Clean, Fresh, Healthy Water On-Demand

Quench conducts a total dissolved solids (TDS) reading with every work order, which translates to over 260K water quality tests per year. As a result, we have one of the most comprehensive databases of water quality and we know the exact filtration system needed for each school. All Quench machines use point-of-use filtration and purification technology, including reverse osmosis (RO) and carbon filtration, to continually provide freshly filtered drinking water on-demand. Plus, our bottleless water coolers offer…

  • Mineral- and electrolyte-infused quenchWATER+
  • UV sanitization and antimicrobial surface protection
  • Food-grade, BPA-free tubing
  • Stainless steel tanks to preserve water quality

Join over 200 universities and schools that have switched to Quench:

Johns Hopkins University, University of Michigan, Cornell University, William Penn Charter School, University of North Carolina, Colorado College, Texas A&M University, University of California, Chicago Public Schools, Stanford University

Quench USA Inc.
Love the new unit with the direct water supply. No more bottled water! Everyone has been great from sales to installation.

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