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Good Water Is Good Business

Quench systems use cutting-edge purification technologies to ensure your clients and colleagues have the cleanest water possible.

Professional Services

Quench offers the largest array of bottleless filtered water coolers, ice makers, sparkling water dispensers, and office coffee services to satisfy the needs of any size business. Let Quench help you choose the right water filtration solution for your location, from sophisticated countertop still and sparkling water machines to under-counter ice and water dispensers.

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Only the Cleanest Drinking Water Need Apply
You wouldn’t compromise your company’s professional standards, and neither do we. All Quench office water filtration systems use state-of-the-art purification technologies to ensure that your clients and colleagues have the cleanest water possible. Quench systems employ advanced carbon filtration, UV sanitization, reverse osmosis filtration, and antimicrobial surface treatment, according to your business’s specific water quality needs.

The Greener Business Solution That Lets You Keep More Green
How many sustainability initiatives actually save you money? Quench helps your office “go green” while saving up to 50% versus water delivery services. And your monthly rental fees includes all preventive maintenance, filter changes, and service calls to keep your Quench system operating in peak condition.

Quench bottleless water coolers, ice makers, and coffee service are found on corporate campuses, in law offices, accounting firms, and at the companies you do business with every day, including:

  • Cox Communications
  • UBS
  • Morgan, Lewis & Bockius
  • Wells Fargo
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • American Express
  • Morgan Stanley
  • McKinsey & Co
  • HSBC
Quench USA Inc.
Quick, convenient service. They come in and change the filters regularly without us having to schedule maintenance, and I love that the billing statements are via email now. Effortless services for a good price.


See What Our Customers Say

NYC Office Suites rents office space to organizations on both short and long-term basis. Before turning to Quench, the business used a traditional 5-gallon water jugs delivery service to keep its visitors hydrated. Yet, since it rented out office space, the number of people visiting the NYC Office Suites each month would vary, making it very difficult to predict how much drinking water was needed to hydrate everyone in the building. Eventually, NYC Office Suites found their drinking water solution when it discovered Quench bottleless water coolers.

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I met with Quench a number of years ago and they had a fantastic solution that provided clean, filtered, fresh water to us.

They delivered just a fantastic product. We started with one cooler. As our business grew, we continued to take additional coolers from them.

The nice things about the Quench coolers are that they’re serviced regularly. So they’re clean, the filtration devices are changed.

We’ve had a long-term relationship with them. We’re going to continue to use them into the future.

We’re very happy and, yes, it does help us to rent our spaces and to attract new clients when we have a Quench cooler in the office.

The service has been fantastic, they’ve always been responsive, and we are very lucky to have this type of relationship with a company like Quench.

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