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Quench 174


Commercial Keurig® Single-Serve Coffee Brewer

  • Ideal high-capacity office coffee machine
  • Uses Keurig brewing technology and K-cup® products
  • Unlimited back-to-back brewing every 60 seconds
  • Brews individual cups of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in either 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz.
  • Strong brew option for a bolder, more intense flavor
  • Instant hot water for soups and oatmeal
  • Intuitive hi-res color touchscreen for easy dispensing
  • Energy efficient with programmable sleep mode and screen saver feature
  • Adjustable mug tray to accommodate all cup sizes
  • Auto-eject K-cup pod disposal with built-in trash can
  • Learn more about Quench’s Office Coffee Service
See How it Works
Easy to coordinate/order, and incredibly fast installation. Tech was in and out in 10 minutes. Machine works great -- we are so happy!

Quench Filtration Solutions

  • Over 20 years of industry experience has made Quench the authority in safe, filtered drinking water solutions.
  • More than 100,000 businesses, including over 50% of the Fortune 500, trust Quench for their workplace water, ice, and coffee needs.
  • We offer commercial water dispensers, ice machines, sparkling water dispensers, and coffee brewers.
  • No matter your company size or industry, we have an office coffee service that is right for you!
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Employees and visitors to your workplace expect a seamless transition from their home life to work life. Keeping everyone happy and healthy is keeping them hydrated. Quench has multiple hydration solutions for workplaces and facilities of any size – campuses, professional offices, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, and all workplaces in between.

These hydration solutions include:

  • our bottle free water coolers that provide clean and delicious water
  • our ice machines that produce half cubed, tulip, or chewable nugget ice
  • our sparkling water dispensers that offer healthy options with or without added flavor and
  • our coffee brewers that dispense multi-cup or single cup flavorful coffee.

For safety and the best tasting water, we offer a full suite of advanced water purification and sanitation technologies, including the amazing new filtration technology that produces quenchWATER+ – our proprietary electrolyte and mineral infused drinking water is designed for the workplace that demands healthy and great tasting water.

When it comes to cost and service, our bottle free hydration solutions provide most customers with savings of up to 50% versus their previous water delivery. And as for service, we have a national reach and a local presence. We can take care of it all. Our hydration solutions are installed by experts and regularly maintained by Quench-badged technicians at no additional cost to you.

You’ll have no more concerns about running out, switching out water jugs or finding storage space. And it’s easy doing business with Quench. We are a one stop for all office drinking water needs. We customize hydration solutions for workplaces of all sizes and in any location. To find out more about why small businesses, top hospitals, large cable providers, nationwide distributors, and over half of the fortune 500 organizations across the continent use our solutions, speak to your local Quench representative or visit our website at QuenchWater.com.

About the Quench 174 Commercial Keurig
Single-Serve Coffee Brewer

The Quench 174 takes high-capacity coffee machines to the next level by providing customizable cups of coffee for everyone with single-serve K-cup pod coffee brewing.
The Quench 174 uses state-of-the-art Keurig brewing technology to create balanced flavor in every cup, plus you can customize each cup with the coffee flavor and strength of your choice.
The advanced filtration system in the Quench 174 commercial Keurig single-serve coffee brewer reduces chemical contaminants, removes sediment and small particles, and eliminates off-tastes and odors.
Premium filtered water combined with the highest quality coffee brewing equipment is the foundation for great-tasting coffee.

The Quench Difference

It’s More Than Coffee

Ditch overpriced coffee from local cafés. Instead, get an endless supply of delicious coffee for one low monthly fee.
Coffee brewers help eliminate millions of pounds of single-use plastic cups in landfills each year.
Quench’s Coffee Portal and autoshipping program makes it easy to keep your coffee and break room supplies fully stocked, so your team is never without refreshments.
Enjoy great-tasting, filtered coffee without chemicals, contaminants, sediments, or odors.

Filtration Advantages

See the Quench Difference

A woman drinking a glass of water in her office
Quench point-of-use coffee brewers use advanced filtration and sanitization technologies to remove sediment, reduce lead and other chemicals, and get rid of off tastes and odors.
A group of employees gathered around a conference table
Quench customers save on coffee refills. How? By brewing coffee using filtered water straight from your building’s pipes. Using point-of-use filtration technologies, you skip the costs and waste of ordering expensive drinks at the local café down the street. Quench coffee brewers eliminate hidden costs by charging a single, all-inclusive monthly fee.
A woman checking off her checklist
You’re busy; your last worry should be your office coffee quality. Let Quench handle your beverage solutions so you can get back to what really matters. Quench charges one low monthly fee that covers your bottleless water cooler and coffee rental(s), all the filtered water and coffee your staff can drink, plus maintenance and filter changes to save you time.
Person holding the Earth in their hands
Single-use solo cups are not only expensive, they’re wasteful. Quench coffee brewers reduce plastic waste and the pollution by filtering your building’s own drinking water using point-of-use filtration.