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Keep your employees happy, healthy, and hydrated with a Quench bottle-free water cooler or ice machine. "Sofidel has been extremely busy during this critical time. I was worried Quench wouldn't be able to complete our installation, but they did with flying colors. Their technicians were diligent and timely, and super friendly. We appreciate their work and couldn't be happier with the result." - a Sofidel spokesperson Complete the form on the right and your Quench Water Expert will reach out.
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BEVI touchless machine How to Enable BEVI Touchless Dispensing

BEVI machines are now touchless! Enable your BEVI machine by following two quick steps. Click here to watch a quick video or to download instructions.

Downloadable PDF
Tips on Keeping Quench Machines Sanitized Getting Back to Business After COVID-19

Getting back to the office after temporarily closing due to COVID-19? Follow these instructions to prepare your Quench machine for your workplace’s return.

How Tos
Smartwell Beverage Machine Installed How to Clean Your Smartwell from Quench Machine

Make sure your Smartwell from Quench machine dispenses flavored water efficiently by regularly cleaning it. Click here for cleaning tips!

How Tos
Smartwell Flavored Water Cooler Installed How to Change Smartwell from Quench Flavors

Is the office favorite flavor on your Smartwell from Quench out? Don’t worry – in a couple easy steps you can replace the flavor and be the hero! Click here.

How Tos
quenchWATER Filtration Diagram quenchWATER+ Filtration Technology

quenchWATER+ is our Quench branded mineral-infused and electrolyte-enhanced alkaline water. Click here to learn more about how we produce quenchWATER+.

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quenchWATER+ offered with Q5 & Q7 bottleless water coolers quenchWATER+ Offered with Quench Bottleless Water Coolers

Be assured you are serving your employees, customers, and guests great-tasting electrolyte and mineral infused drinking water with quenchWATER+.

Information Sheets
Quench Pre-Installation Checklists

Before our certified technician can install your sparkling water dispenser, there are some pre-installation requirements – click here to learn more!

How Tos
Why It Pays to Keep Employees Hydrated Teaser [Infographic] Why It Pays to Keep Employees Hydrated

We recently surveyed 1,000 full and part-time workers on their drinking habits at work. Check out our infographic to see what we found out!

Red caution sign in water Water Emergency Page

Important information for our customers affected by hurricanes. Click here to learn how Quench can help you “get back to normal.”

How Tos
NYC Office Suites company logo Customer Testimonial – NYC Office Suites

NYC Office Suites turned to Quench to provide an endless supply of clean, filtered, and fresh water no matter who was renting the space.

Customer Testimonials
Feder's Acura company logo Customer Testimonial – Feder’s Acura

By switching to Quench, Feder’s Acura no longer has to worry about having enough plastic water bottles on hand or who will be able to change the bottles.

Customer Testimonials
Kind Healthy Snacks company logo Customer Testimonial – Kind Healthy Snacks

The number one goal at Kind Healthy Snacks is to be sustainable. By switching to Quench, they were able to go that “extra step” to be more eco-friendly.

Customer Testimonials