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Road Runner Sports Case Study

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Popular national running retailer, Road Runner Sports, was frustrated with their water cooler provider. With supply chain issues and an inconsistent delivery schedule, there were often situations where their staff was left without water at work. For a company that prioritizes health and wellness, reliable
hydration is key for healthy employees. So, they turned to Quench for a better solution.

Read on to learn more about how Quench provided a convenient, cost-effective filtered drinking water solution to employees at Road Runner Sports.

The Story

A Quench Water Expert visited an Oregon Road Runner store in search of running shoes and saw an opportunity to ask about their hydration services. After a short conversation with a staff member, this store had previously inquired about Quench’s machines. The Quench representative reached out to corporate Facilities Coordinator, Tamar Moloney, to discuss a more reliable, space-saving, and cleaner option with Quench.

Not only are the staff grateful for reliable drinking water, but everyone is impressed with the quenchWATER+ taste.

“It is a night and day difference; it just tastes so pure. Also, the Quench technicians are so professional, neat, and polite – truly a differentiator,” said Moloney

Since the first installation, there has been an overwhelming amount of positivity surrounding the Quench machines, resulting in an expansion to 43 stores nationwide in less than 2 months!

Now, thanks to Quench’s comprehensive service, capable technicians, and reliable water dispensers, Road Runner locations across the US can spend more time achieving business goals and less time worrying about their drinking water.

The Challenge

  • Staff at Road Runner were frustrated by their inconvenient and unreliable 5-gallon water jug delivery.
  • Corporate headquarters wanted to keep costs down without worrying about delayed or missed water delivery.

The Results

Word of Quench’s convenient and cost-saving benefits spread to other Road Runner locations across the country. Pretty soon, other Road Runner stores wanted Quench bottleless water coolers too!

  • In less than 2 months, Quench installed machines in 43 Road Runner stores.
  • A total of 50 machines were installed in Road Runner stores nationwide.

The Solution

  1. Quench bottleless water coolers provide fresh, filtered water to 900 Road Runner employees.
  2. Road Runner saves nearly $6,000 every year on drinking water expenses.

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