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Learn more about local water quality, Quench water filtration, and our bottleless water coolers, ice machines, and sparking water dispensers.

Quench Manufacturing Case Study

Quench Manufacturing Case Study

Warehouses and distribution centers are busy, high-traffic areas – places where efficiency really matters – switching 5-gallon water jugs, escorting delivery people, and worrying about running out of drinking water on hot days, can be distracting to busy employees. Quench bottleless filtration systems can keep your team hydrated and operating at peak performance! “Quench bottleless […]

Quench Reverse Osmosis Filtration Information Sheet

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology that removes dissolved solids and contaminants from drinking water. Dissolved solids are small organic or inorganic particles that are suspended in water. Dissolved solids vary by location but can include chemicals such as salts, calcium, and phosphates. Water with high total dissolved solids (TDS) levels often appears cloudy […]

quenchWATER+ 5-Filter Setup

[Video & Downloadable Information Sheet] See quenchWATER+ NSF-Certified Filtration Technology in Action

Last updated: 11/10/2020 We’re pulling back the curtain (or in this case, the tank) on our NSF-certified Q-Series filtered water dispensers to give you an inside look at quenchWATER+ Filtration Technology in action. We offer quenchWATER+, our highest quality drinking water, in all of our Q-Series filtered water dispensers including the Quench Q3, Quench Q4, Quench Q5, Quench Q7, […]

quenchWATER+ AVailable with Q-Series Water Coolers

quenchWATER+ Offered with Quench Bottleless Water Coolers

quenchWATER+ is our Quench branded mineral-infused and electrolyte-enhanced drinking water. We produce quenchWATER+ using a state-of-the-art filtration technology to remove contaminants, sediments, and bad tastes while adding minerals, electrolytes, and alkalinity to create amazing tasting water. quenchWATER+ is filtered on demand through our propriety 5-filter setup. Our filtration process produces the cleanest drinking water through […]

Quench White Paper

Cutting Costs While Increasing Sustainability and Wellness by Upgrading to Filtered Water Coolers

Quench’s white paper, Cutting Costs While Increasing Sustainability and Wellness by Upgrading to Filtered Water Coolers, discusses the reasons behind the growing trend of organizations switching from bottled to bottle-free filtered water coolers. Also called “point-of-use” or “bottle-less” coolers, filtered water coolers compress the sophisticated purification technology of a filtration plant into an appliance the […]

Quench Environmental Sustainability Flyer

Eco-Friendly Sustainability Flyer

Quench: The Green Solution for Filtered Drinking Water Quench filtered drinking water coolers and ice machines are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional bottled water delivery. In addition to cutting costs by up to 50% versus water delivery costs, Quench customers will: Reduce Solid Waste A single Quench cooler can prevent up to 150 5-gallon water […]

TDS Information Sheet

TDS Information Sheet

What is TDS? TDS is an acronym for Total Dissolved Solids. What Are Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) This term refers to the collection of substances contained within water, notably drinking water. TDS can be molecular or micro-granular in size and are comprised of both organic and inorganic matters. Organic matters found in drinking water may […]

Quench Preventive Maintenance Program

Preventive Maintenance Information Sheet

What’s Included in Quench Preventive Maintenance? As part of Quench’s comprehensive service program, a highly-trained, certified Quench technician will routinely conduct a 11-point inspection and maintenance service on your Quench machine to ensure your office drinking water, ice, and/or coffee is always clean and great-tasting. Who Are the Quench Water Experts? We are the water […]