quenchWATER+ Filtration Technology

We offer quenchWATER+, our highest quality drinking water, on our Quench Q5 and Quench Q7 series machines through our state-of-the-art reverse osmosis filtration process. During the reverse osmosis process, water is pushed through 4 filters:

This reverse osmosis system creates the cleanest drinking water but also removes minerals that are naturally occurring in the water. We created the Mineral+ filter to add proprietary blend of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium back to the water in a controlled environment. Mineral+ filter promotes alkalinity by increasing the pH level of municipal water. The electrolytes and minerals from the quenchWATER+ produce a revitalizing, refreshing, hydrating mineral water with a smooth mouthfeel.

For more insight into quenchWATER+ filtration technology, or if you have any questions, please call a Quench Water Expert at 844-300-6285.

quenchWATER+ filtration technology video transcription:

Quench's quenchWATER+ filtration system gives quenchWATER+ its signature taste. What makes quenchWATER+ drinking water so much better?

The difference between quenchWATER+ and other filtered water is Quench's proprietary 5-filter set-up.

The first filter on this journey is the sediment filter. Water passes through small holes in a series of membranes, but anything larger than 5 microns, or roughly the size of a piece of sand, is blocked from passing through.

After the sediment filter has removed any larger contaminants and dissolved solids from the water, it passes through the pre-carbon filter. This uses activated carbon to filter anything larger than 1 micron, or about the size of a speck of flour, from the water. It also prevents chemical compounds, like chlorine, from passing through.

The next step is Reverse Osmosis, which pushes water molecules through a semipermeable membrane, removing any contaminants, including viruses, bacteria, pesticides, salts, and fluoride while at the same time reducing lead.

Now the water is pure, completely free of any dissolved solids - both the harmful contaminants and the beneficial minerals, like calcium and magnesium. Pure reverse osmosis water, without the beneficial minerals, tastes flat and acidic. So we have created our proprietary Mineral+ enhancing filter.

The Mineral+ enhancing filter is FDA- and NSF-certified to add essential electrolytes and minerals to the pure reverse osmosis water. The water absorbs calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium, by flowing through mineral beads in the sterile environment of our proprietary mineral filter.

The final and fifth filter is the polishing filter, a type of carbon filter than uses fine coconut husk fibers and activated carbon to purify the water one last time.

The result? Crisp, clean, revitalizing alkaline water, which studies may suggest, allows the body to absorb water more readily and hydrate faster.

Promote office hydration with quenchWATER+ and treat yourself, your co-workers and your guests to the most refreshing, healthy water available.

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