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Quench Q7 Series

Freestanding & Countertop Filtered Water Coolers with quenchWATER+

The Q7 series has all the style and features to meet the needs of the modern workplace as well as the state-of-the-art quenchWATER+ filtration to provide uninterrupted refreshment throughout the day.  The quenchWATER+ filtration system removes contaminants and bad tastes while adding essential electrolytes and minerals to revitalize the water taste and alkalinity. Both the tall freestanding and countertop models make for comfortable user access.

Product Features

Product Specifications

Designed with the user in mind

    • RO or Carbon filtration with mineral additives to produce quenchWATER+
    • LED Ultraviolet light to maintain water quality
    • Touch sensor dispensing and hot water safety feature
    • Antimicrobial surface protection
    • Taller ergonomic “no-bend” dispensing design (Freestanding model)
    • quenchWATER+ system fits nicely inside (Freestanding model)
    • Fits under most cabinets (Countertop model)
Dimensions49.8" h x 11.6" w x 16.5" d
127 cm h x 30 cm w x 42 cm d
17.9" h x 11.6" w x 17.5" d
46 cm h x 30 cm w x 45 cm d
Weight60 lbs/ 28 kg49 lbs/23 kg
Cold tank capacity1.6 gallons/6.1 liters1.0 gallons/3.8 liters
Hot tank capacity0.7 gallons/2.7 liters0.4 gallons/1.4 liters

quenchWATER+ Technology

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