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Every workplace has different water-related needs, and we understand that. Our bottleless water coolers are designed with a number of different product categories in mind, including:

Water Cooler Models

Quench has an advanced suite of bottleless water cooler models that are designed to meet the needs of any workplace, whether you’re looking to provide hydration for a low-traffic office or a high-traffic warehouse.

Compare Our Most Popular Workplace Water Cooler Models

Touchless dispensing
Paddle dispensing
Countertop option
Available with reverse osmosis (RO) filtration
Hot & cold mineral-infused quenchWATER+
Ambient water option
LED UV & antimicrobial surface protection
Best for small spaces
Best for medium spaces
Best for large spaces

Deciding Which Water Cooler Model Is Best For You?

Quench will work with you to narrow down options and determine which water cooler model is best for your business. With our knowledge and decades of expertise, we're able to provide customized filtered water solutions for each workplace.
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