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Enjoy great-tasting coffee with the highest quality coffee brewing equipment.

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The Benefits of Our Coffee Makers

Partnering with a reliable coffee service provider makes it simple to provide employees with great-tasting java. This ensures they can enjoy well-deserved breaks throughout the work day, offering your organization key benefits as a result. 

A high-quality coffee maker promotes:

  • Employee morale
  • A social, collaborative work environment
  • Workforce productivity and engagement
Quench Coffee Services
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Quench proudly serves water to tens of thousands of businesses, from main street to Wall Street, but did you know we also provide a premium coffee service?

Quench makes it simple to provide great-tasting beverages to your employees.  

So what makes Quench your best choice for coffee service? 

Quench reliability – we ensure that you and your team have everything you need to enjoy your office refreshment and snack experience.   

Our wide selection and flexibility – if there’s a coffee-related product you need, we can source it for you and deliver it right to your office. 

The right equipment for your office with high-end bean to cup brewers, Nespresso, Keurig, POD brewers, and traditional thermal brewers. 

Finally, top-flight coffee. Our close partnerships with Nespresso, Keurig, and local roasters mean whatever your coffee fancy, we can serve it. 

And remember, great-tasting coffee starts with great-tasting water.  

A commercial coffee machine from Quench filters and removes potential contaminants from your drinking water supply.  

Quench has everything you need to keep your break room fully stocked, a wide selection of office, gourmet, and premium coffee flavors from leading brands like Starbucks, Cafe Bustelo, Death Wish Coffee, Peet’s, Green Mountain, and our own Café del Campo. 

Interested in finding out more? Boost your workplace coffee and talk to a Quench coffee expert today! Or learn more at quenchwater.com/coffee.

Explore Our Coffee Machine Line

Choose from thermal brewers, single-cup pods, Keurig® single-cup brewers, and Nespresso single-cup pod brewers.

Thermal Coffee Brewer
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Thermal Coffee Brewer
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Thermal Coffee Brewer
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Pod Coffee Brewer
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Pod Coffee Brewer
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Keurig® Pod Coffee Brewer
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Keurig® Pod Coffee Brewer
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Nespresso Pod Coffee Brewer
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Nespresso Pod Coffee Brewer
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Deciding Which Coffee Machine Is Best For You?

Quench will work with you to narrow down options and determine which coffee machine is best for your business. With our knowledge and decades of expertise, we're able to provide customized solutions for each workplace.
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Our company has used Quench for coffee & water services for some time. Our service tech is a pleasure — always does a great job.
Denise G.
Cedar Knolls, NJ
I love the coffee machine! My Quench representative was very nice. He explained how the coffee machine worked and was very pleasant.
Amanda Z.
Natick, MA
Quench is one of the easiest, quickest, smartest companies I have ever worked with.
Material Assistant
Blachford RP
Effortless service for a good price.
Billing Coordinator
Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, LLP

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Quench as my workplace coffee service provider?

With a professional coffee machine from Quench, you gain access to advanced filtration technologies, a robust, sustainable coffee selection, and two office coffee delivery options. Quickly upgrade your workplace coffee supply with our wide range of commercial grade coffee machines and menu items. And when you order your coffee supplies from Quench, you can rent your commercial coffee machine for no additional cost!

Plus, thanks to our Customer Portal, Quench coffee customers can order new coffee flavors, break room supplies, and snacks online. The Portal also gives customers the ability to manage invoices and set up autoshipping for recurring orders.

To learn more about our Office Coffee Service and brewers, schedule an appointment or call a Quench Coffee Expert at 844-303-2841.

What coffee supplies does Quench offer?

Whether you’re looking for a new office coffee machine or specialty coffee to brew the perfect cup, Quench has what you need. All current customers can purchase coffee, tea, office snacks, and break room supplies on the Customer Ordering Portal. If you’re a current customer and you don’t yet have access to Quench’s portal, click here to register.

Browse our full selection of commercial grade coffee machines, pod coffee makers, and our coffee menu items.

Which coffee maker should I choose for my workplace?

We know every workplace has unique coffee machine and supply needs, and our Quench team is here to help you get it right. Explore our full range of office coffee machines above or try our product finder to discover the option that’s ideal for your workplace.

Is it okay to use tap water for coffee?

To brew quality coffee, you need the right water. A professional coffee machine from Quench uses state-of-the-art filtration technologies, guaranteeing that your fresh roasted coffee is as clean and delicious as possible.