4 Reasons to Make Quench Your Office Coffee Service Provider

A mug of steaming hot coffee

Last Updated: 8/6/2020

Offering your workforce tap water is table stakes. Level up with a commercial coffee machine. The extra caffeine boost can help kickstart your employees’ mornings and motivate them to take on project after project with enthusiasm. Plus, providing endless free coffee eliminates the need for individuals on your team to spend money on overpriced caffeinated beverages at vending machines or local cafés; a perk they will surely appreciate. 

Browse our selection of commercial coffee machines, pod coffee makers, and our coffee menu items.

For existing Quench customers, choosing the right office coffee service provider is as easy as calling one of our customer service representatives and adding an extra coffee machine onto your account. When you order your coffee supplies from Quench, you can rent your Quench commercial coffee machine for no additional cost!

Here’s why you can’t go wrong with a Quench commercial coffee machine:

1. Great Coffee Starts with Great Water

To brew a great cup of coffee, you need the right water. The same state-of-the-art purification technologies that we use in our bottle-free water coolers are available in many of our commercial coffee machines as well. These filtration technologies guarantee that the water that goes into your coffee machine is as clean and delicious as it can be. Quench water is filtered on-demand and is free of sediment, chemicals, odors, and off-tastes. Great water combined with the highest quality coffee brewing equipment is the foundation for great-tasting coffee.

2. Quench Offers a Robust Coffee Selection

Quench elevates office coffee service beyond the status quo. Our product experts understand that everyone has different flavor preferences. As a top office coffee service provider, we offer a broad selection of coffees from the finest roasters, including Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Green Mountain Coffee, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, and our own Café del Campo.

3. Choose Between Two Delivery Option to Cut Down on Waste

Traditional office coffee service providers continuously restock your break room’s cabinets with coffee supplies that can take months for you to use, resulting in waste. Quench has two efficient delivery options for you to choose from, so you get only the coffee supplies you need.

  • Delivery Option Number 1: Automatic Ordering – With the automatic ordering option, Quench coffee representatives help determine how much coffee supplies your company goes through each month. Then we will automatically restock your office coffee supplies based on your average monthly use. If there is ever a month you go over your average coffee consumption, we can deliver extra.
  • Delivery Option Number 2: Order When You Need It -Most of our customers use our easy-to-navigate website to place their order. It is fast, convenient, and puts you back in control of how much to order based on your office’s break room usage.

4. Office Coffee is More Environmentally Sustainable

Rather than making employees pay for a brew that comes in a single-use bottle or disposable cup, encourage them to bring mugs or thermoses to work. That can help reduce plastic bottles, single-use coffee cups, and other kinds of waste associated with drinking coffee at work.

You can reduce plastic waste even more by opting for a Quench coffee pod machine. Coffee pods are small, round, almost flat discs of ground coffee wrapped in biodegradable filter paper. Pod coffee makers allow end-users to brew their favorite roast, but unlike Keurig® K-Cups®, coffee pods are 100% biodegradable.

Make Quench Your Office Coffee Service Provider

If your office is looking to take its beverage game to the next level, make Quench your office coffee service provider. Quench makes it easy to offer your employees great-tasting java they’ll look forward to drinking every day. Plus, if you already have a bottleless water cooler or ice machine with us, adding a commercial coffee machine onto your existing account couldn’t be more straightforward. Simply, call your local Quench Coffee Expert at 1-888-554-2782 to get the process started.