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Exploring Sparkling Water Flavors: A Refreshing Twist on Hydration

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Creating healthy workplace environments has become paramount for businesses and employees alike, and hydration is a key component of this goal. With organizations increasingly recognizing the link between proper hydration and operational efficiency, sparkling water has emerged as an exciting twist on traditional beverage offerings at work.  We’re taking a closer look at how sparkling […] Continue Reading

Discover the Benefits of Sparkling Water

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When you get busy, it’s easy to overlook proper hydration, yet getting plenty to drink is key to maintaining productivity. If plain water isn’t doing enough to drive your hydration, you might consider trying sparkling water. Boosting water intake with a delicious carbonated drink can revolutionize your hydration habits.  Read on to discover all of […] Continue Reading

How Does Carbonation Work?

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As you untwist or pop the lid open of your favorite carbonated beverage, you may revel in the distinct fizzing sound that escapes. But, what exactly causes your drink to have its bubbly texture and taste? We’re answering this question as we dive into the world of effervescent liquid, looking at the process of preparing […] Continue Reading

What Is in Seltzer Water? Making the Switch to a Sparkling Dispenser

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Carbonated water is not only a workplace treat today, but it’s slowly becoming a staple for organizations across industries. Why? Because the majority of workers don’t drink enough water throughout the day, and a midday soda with tons of added sugar only makes dehydration and fatigue worse.  Luckily, the right fizzy water can be a […] Continue Reading

What Is Still Water? — Still vs. Sparkling Water for Your Workplace

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Water is essential to any workplace. It can be used to hydrate, regulate body temperature, and prevent kidney damage. But, has your company considered the new trend in water — sparkling water? When compared to the negative health impacts of soda, or other fizzy drinks with sugar, it’s no surprise that sparkling water would win […] Continue Reading

Is Carbonated Water Hydrating? — Finding the Right Workplace Water Supply

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Proper hydration is essential for individuals of any age, and your business’s employees, guests, and customers are no exception. Ensuring your workplace provides easy access to clean, great-tasting water will be vital to driving hydration and keeping performance and productivity high — which is ultimately beneficial to your bottom line.   However, offering tap water or […] Continue Reading

Finding the Best Sparkling Water Maker for Your Workplace

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Sparkling water is everywhere! With colorful cans and bottles lining the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores, it seems like everyone is drinking it. With the sales of carbonated water growing year over year, according to Market Data Forecast, we do notice one thing – each plastic bottle sold contributes to the waste epidemic. As […] Continue Reading

Is There a Difference Between Seltzer and Sparkling Water? — Considering the Switch To Carbonated Beverage Options at Work

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Finding ways to drive hydration in your workplace can be difficult, but it’s a necessity to keep your customers and guests happy while ensuring your employees maintain peak performance. However, offering regular water might not be enough to promote proper water intake throughout the day. That’s why organizations are quickly considering carbonated beverage options — […] Continue Reading