Is Carbonated Water Hydrating? — Finding the Right Workplace Water Supply

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Proper hydration is essential for individuals of any age, and your business’s employees, guests, and customers are no exception. Ensuring your workplace provides easy access to clean, great-tasting water will be vital to driving hydration and keeping performance and productivity high — which is ultimately beneficial to your bottom line.  

However, offering tap water or relying on traditional water delivery systems might not be doing enough to encourage greater water intake at work. As a result, organizations are increasingly taking advantage of carbonated water options — also referred to as sparkling water, seltzer water, and soda water — to elevate their workplace water supply. In fact, the global sparkling water market was valued at $29.41 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow from $33.1 billion in 2022 to $75.49 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.5% in the forecast period, according to Skyquest.

As workplaces turn their attention to sparkling water options, we’re taking a closer look at whether carbonated water is as hydrating as regular water — so you can determine the best drinking water solution for your organization and support a hydrated workforce moving forward. 

Is Sparkling Water Good for You?

Hydration is an extremely important element of a productive and healthy workforce. But, does drinking sparkling water give you the same benefits as drinking still water? 

For some people, the taste of regular water is not their favorite. That’s why seltzer water is a great alternative. And the great thing is, it’s just as hydrating, according to the New York Times. 

While drinking carbonated water is good for you, it does come with one small drawback: Seltzer water is slightly more acidic than flat water. Bubbly water is made with carbon dioxide, resulting in potential bloating or acid reflux irritation. But, these possible symptoms are few and far between. 

Sparkling water is also a healthier choice than soda and other sugary drinks, which can cause a wide range of health problems, including stomach pain, acid reflux, enamel erosion, stomach acid production, and more. By replacing your soda intake with carbonated water, you’ll feel more awake and improve digestion and gut health. 

The Biggest Sparkling Water Myths

Before diving into the benefits a carbonated beverage can provide to team members across the corporate ladder, it’s important to dispel a few misconceptions concerning sparkling options. 

Myth #1: Sparkling Water Doesn’t Hydrate as Effectively as Regular Water

Organizations that doubt the hydration power of sparkling water can rest assured that their fizzy water has the same hydration benefits as plain water, according to a report from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Moreover, carbonated options are a great alternative to soft drinks and sugary soda — which quickly dehydrate team members. 

Myth #2: Sparkling Water Can Damage Your Stomach

The carbonic acid involved in sparkling water can give the wrong impression that this water has adverse effects on your stomach long term. This acid is too weak to have a considerable impact on your stomach, but sugar-filled carbonated beverages have actually been shown to have the opposite effect — relieving indigestions and constipation. 

Myth #3: Sparkling Water Leaches Nutrients from Your Body

Some individuals and organizations have come to believe that carbonation could leach calcium from bones and nutrients from the body. While there’s no clear reason for how this myth originated, there’s also no evidence to support these claims. 

Myth #4: Drinking Sparkling Water is Not Environmentally Responsible

Because sparkling water contains dissolved carbon dioxide gas, there’s a misbelief that this contributes to global warming. However, not only is this a negligible amount of carbon emissions, but replacing traditional water bottle solutions at work with a carbonated water machine will be an effective way to reduce your company’s environmental footprint moving forward.

Myth #5: Carbonated Water Leads to Dental Decay

One of the most common misunderstandings associated with carbonated water is that it will have a considerable impact on your tooth enamel — fortunately, this isn’t the case. While carbonation does mean these options are slightly more acidic than tap water, carbonic acid is weak and less corrosive. It’s important to keep in mind the true enemy of tooth enamel and dental health is soda or any other beverage with a high amount of added sugar. 

Choosing Between Sparkling and Still Water for Your Workplace

As organizations continue to look for the best drinking water solutions for their workplace, they’re likely debating whether still water or bubbly water is the better way to go. Drinking carbonated water as opposed to tap water can feel almost like a cheat, but the good news is these two options are generally pretty similar. 

Bubbly water is essentially regular water but with the addition of carbon dioxide under gas — giving it a fizzy taste. Despite this carbonation, sparkling water is just as hydrating and healthy as regular water. Both options provide several valuable health benefits including:

  • Staving off dehydration
  • Increasing energy levels 
  • Reducing fatigue and headaches
  • Improving digestion
  • Enhancing cognitive function
  • Regulating body temperature
  • Protecting organs and tissues
  • Increasing feelings of happiness

Not only are these options ultimately remarkably similar, but sparkling water is associated with a few added benefits for organizations to consider as well.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Sparkling Water

While workplaces search for the right water supply, here are a few surprising health benefits of carbonated water to keep in mind: 

Drive Hydration More Effectively

Keeping employees sufficiently hydrated is a key factor in reaching organizational goals, but sometimes a lackluster glass of plain water isn’t enticing enough to encourage greater daily water intake. The exciting bubbles of carbonated options are a great way to drive hydration levels throughout the workplace — so employees and customers can enjoy a more fun and treat-like drink. 

Avoid Hidden Additives

The wellness of your team members is likely always a priority, and with sparkling water options, you can rest assured their health isn’t at risk. Sparkling water machines, from reliable water service providers like Quench, can give your employees access to clean, great-tasting fizzy water — without the fear of hidden ingredients or excessive added sugar. 

A More Filling Alternative

A study from UChicago Medicine found that carbonated water can improve satiety, or feelings of fullness. This can be beneficial to employees who constantly feel hungry — helping them stay hydrated, full, and focused without the midday snacks.

Improve Digestion

Water is a well-known aid to digestive issues, but the carbonated nature of sparkling options may be even more beneficial to these problems. According to a report from Healthline, these digestive benefits include improving swallowing ability, increasing feelings of fullness, and reducing constipation. 

A Better Substitute for Soft Drinks

When employees are looking for a pick-me-up during the day, there’s a good chance they’ll choose a sugary soda over plain water. With sparkling water solutions at their disposal, employees have access to a water supply that’s both hydrating and a little extra fun during their workday. 

Quench Hydration Solutions

Workplaces can quickly bring their drinking water supply to the next level by introducing sparkling water options. Not only is carbonated water just as hydrating as plain water, but it offers unique benefits that are worth keeping in mind. 

If your organization is ready to implement improved water systems at work — Quench can help. Quench offers water-as-a-service solutions by providing filtered water through a wide range of bottleless machines. With our depth of options, national reach, and consistently high level of service, our water services are designed to give your workplace the unique water solutions it needs.

Organizations can explore our broad range of sparkling and specialty products, including plain sparkling water machines and our Bevi machine, which offers flavored sparkling water on demand. Or, workplaces can optimize their hydration with a combined still and sparkling water machine — so your employees, guests, and customers have access to an endless supply of either option whenever they need it.

Help your employees ditch the sugary soda and take your regular water supply to the next level by making the switch to a sparkling water dispenser with Quench. Try our product finder to discover the machine that’s right for your workplace, or click the green “Get a Free Estimate” button and fill out a form.