Sparkling Water: A Popular Alternative to Still Water

A glass of sparkling water

Many of us struggle to consume the recommended 8 cups of water a day. After all, it’s easy to ignore a chronic mild thirst when we’re consumed with other pressing matters, but that doesn’t mean staying hydrated isn’t important. Drinking fluids is crucial to our health and maintaining the function of every system in our body, including our heart, brain, and muscles.

Although this likely isn’t new news, we still don’t drink enough water…why is that? Studies suggest one of the main reasons people don’t drink enough water is because of the taste. Water is boring. But enough is enough; it’s time to enhance our water and make it fun!

The Quench Water Experts have found an exciting solution to still water that doesn’t fall flat, instead, it sparkles. And it’s unlimited! Here are 3 reasons to upgrade the traditional water cooler in your workplace with a bottleless sparkling water cooler dispenser.

1. Sparkling Water Can Increase Hydration

If you’re worried that sparkling water is worse for you than regular still water, you can relax. Scientists have debunked that myth. According to a study conducted at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, drinking sparkling water is just as hydrating as drinking regular water. Plus, the added fizz in sparkling water makes it taste and feel like a treat. Therefore, it’s likely employees will be encouraged to visit and revisit the office sparkling water cooler dispenser more often throughout the day. Your employees, customers, and guests will be drinking more water than ever before, and they may not even notice it because it tastes so good.

2. Sparkling Water is Healthier than Soft Drinks

Downing a few cups of bubbly throughout the day can curb unhealthy cravings. Sparkling water is an excellent substitute to soft drinks and juice. Oftentimes, these drinks are chockfull of calories, sugars, and carbohydrates that are later converted into and stored as fat in your body. A serving of bottled coke, for example, has 250 calories and 69 grams of sugar. Sparkling water on the other hand has zero calories and all the health benefits of water. It’s simply carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. The water is added with the CO2, and together they become carbonated water with the same fizzy texture as soda. Therefore, people can use it as a replacement for soda to transition away from sugary soft drinks while gaining all the hydrating benefits of water. There is also evidence that sparkling water improves digestion. Studies show that the beverage can help you feel fuller longer than plain water and it also helps relieve symptoms of indigestion.  

3. Sparkling Water is the Latest Fad

That’s right, all the cool kids are drinking it! As people search for alternatives to still water, they are finding that sparkling water is a great-tasting way to stay hydrated. This trend is especially true for the incoming and newly employed workforce; millennials. Technomic reports that Americans spent about $1.7 billion on sparkling water at restaurants in 2018. That’s a modest amount compared to the $15 billion they forked over for carbonated soft drinks. But while sparkling water is seeing double-digit growth, by those estimates, traditional soda has grown by only 1% each year since 2016. A sparkling water dispenser provides a notable replacement to a 5-gallon jug water cooler, and who doesn’t want to be able to ask the question, “Would you like sparkling or still?” when a new customer or potential employee walks in the door? It’s not only impressive, but it also shows that you’re in tune with the latest trends and that you care about the well-being of your employees, customers, and guests.

Quench Sparkling Water Machines

Quench has several point-of-use (POU) sparkling water dispensers, and some even offer flavored sparkling water on-demand, including the freestanding Bevi and the all-new Smartwell®. These machines feature intuitive touchscreen interfaces that allow users to customize their water. With these machines, employees and visitors have the option to toggle between still or sparkling water, a variety of flavors, and added enhancements like caffeine, Vitamin C, and electrolytes.

There are also sparkling water options for those who prefer a countertop water dispenser. The Bevi countertop water dispenser features the same customizable features as its freestanding counterpart. For those interested in flavorless sparkling water, check out our other countertop water dispenser options, including Quench 528, Quench 578, and the Quench 575.

A sparkling water cooler dispenser is sure to transform your break room into a contemporary, eco-friendly space. To learn more about Quench’s sparkling water coolers, please visit our website and check out our Product Finder to see which machine is right for your workplace.