3 Benefits of Having a Top-Notch Break Room

A modern looking breakroom

Break rooms are an important part of any business. Dedicating an area in the workplace for employees to revive their energy isn’t just good for the staff, it’s also great for the company. Aside from employees enjoying a cup of coffee or eating lunch, the break room should be an environment that allows employees to escape from their daily workload and recharge. Not to mention, it’s a reflection of your company’s investment in its employees. You’d be surprised just how many job candidates will assess your company’s culture by how your break room looks.

If you want your break room to be brag-worthy, then be sure to read “The Break Room of Now” for the three must-haves to include in your modern space. But chances are, your follow-up question to that article will be… what value (other than aesthetics) do I get from upgrading my break room? Well, the Quench Water Experts are here to reveal the three benefits of having a top-notch break room – and hopefully assist you in getting your managers stamp of approval!

1. Increase Productivity

Taking breaks may sound counterproductive, but it really is the best way to ensure employee productivity. Stepping away from your work for a few minutes allows you to rejuvenate your mind. Employees should be encouraged to take small 15-minute breaks after every 75-90-minute work period. A brief chat by the water cooler with a fellow employee or enjoying a quick cup of coffee and a small snack in the break room can help employees regain their focus when they return to work.

According to Robert C. Pozen, the author of Extreme Productivity: Boost You Results, Reduce Your Hours, taking regular breaks throughout the day can help you replenish your focus and get more done. A nice, comfortable break room will naturally attract employees to take short breaks throughout the day; producing a more productive work atmosphere.

2. Create Culture

Break rooms can say a lot about a company’s culture. If the breakroom is outdated and unpleasant, employees will feel like their company doesn’t care about their wellbeing; only about their work. On the flip side, if the break room is modern and enjoyable, employees will know that the company cares about their happiness and put an honest effort into providing a sanctuary where they can go to relax.

Equally as important as providing a well-furnished breakroom is encouraging the employees to use it. When employees are encouraged to use the company’s break room as a place to escape, it creates a positive work environment. Positive work environments generate energy and enthusiasm, which can lead to a successful business. A breakroom also fosters relationships between employees from different departments across the company who might not regularly see each other. Collaboration amongst colleagues is key to running an efficient and effective business.

3. Improve Wellness

The mental and physical wellbeing of employees should always be a top priority of every company. Caring for its most essential asset—its people—is at the core of every successful business.


A survey found that nearly 20% of American workers worry that their bosses will not think they are hardworking if they take regular lunch breaks. This is an unfortunate statistic and a terrible thought that should not be going through employees’ minds. If employees are not encouraged to take breaks and eat lunch, it can become a serious health problem. It is healthy to eat three meals per day along with small snacks and lots of water. It is not physically healthy for people to work for eight (or more) hours straight without taking a break. A modern, enjoyable break room gives people a reason to take breaks, eat lunch, and drink water regularly throughout the day – often giving them a boost in energy – and allowing them to work towards a healthy lifestyle.

…and Relaxation

Businesses that promote their break rooms as a place to escape from stress, relax, and decompress promote a better mental wellbeing for their employees. Stress can take a serious toll on a person’s health. An easy way to help your employees reduce stress is to inspire them to use the break room as a place to go to relax and de-stress. It is amazing what a warm cup of tea, a light snack, and a short conversation can do for someone’s mental health – it can help!

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