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[Infographic] Why It Pays to Keep Employees Hydrated

Why It's Important to Keep You Employees Hydrated

Last updated: 9/25/2020

During a busy day at work, it’s easy to ignore the importance of hydration. Deadlines, emails, and meetings tend to take precedence over trips to the office water dispenser. Plus, with social distancing measures, people may be more reluctant than ever to get up from their desks.

Science and studies prove that your productivity and work ethic can suffer when you fail to hydrate yourself properly. That’s because the human brain is made up of 75% water. When you deprive your noggin of its daily dose of H₂O, you’re not giving it the ingredient it needs to keep you functioning at the top of your game. Headaches, poor concentration, reduced short-term memory and slowed psychomotor skills are all effects of dehydration. Drinking water holds the power to improve your productivity, mood, memory, energy levels, and clarity.

Quench surveyed one thousand full and part-time workers in the United States and found that almost 80% of those surveyed believe they do not drink enough water to meet their health needs. The survey also revealed three main barriers discouraging people from drinking water in the workplace. Those barriers included a lack of time to get water, the cost of bottled water, and the unpleasant taste of office tap water.

The effects of dehydration are likely to be felt by more than the individual workers not getting enough fluids. A well-hydrated office is a more productive office. Here are some ways you can facilitate healthy hydrating habits and stress the importance of hydration in the workplace.

1. Review floor plans to ensure easy access to water sources.

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to pull yourself away from your desk at work, especially when you’re in “the zone.” Plus, if the closest office water dispenser is up a flight of stairs or on the other side of the building, you’re even less likely to make the trip. Add more bottleless water dispensers throughout the office building to reassure your employees that clean, great tasting water is never more than a short stroll away. Adding more bottleless water dispensers throughout a workspace not only makes life more convenient for workers, but it can also reduce the chances of spreading germs. More office water dispensers mean fewer interactions and better maintained social distancing practices on a regular basis. For increased safety, touchless water coolers are a preferred option for many businesses. Check out Quench’s Office Cleaning Guide to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19. In this article, you’ll find tricks and tips to establish effective sanitization procedures that can keep you and your employees safe and hydrated while you work.

2. Provide fresh, free, filtered, great-tasting water that doesn’t run out.

Your workers shouldn’t have to travel to a remote mountain top or send dollars through a vending machine to get clean, refreshing drinking water. When you invest in a bottleless water dispenser for your office, you give employees the chance to enjoy pristine, great tasting water for free. Easy access to an endless supply of filtered water that tastes like it was pulled from a fresh spring in the French Alps may be all the incentive your office needs to sustain a healthy level of hydration. If mineral-infused and electrolyte-enhanced water is what you’re looking for, check out our quenchWATER+ page. Never order or run out of water bottles again—doesn’t that sound nice?

3. Create engaging campaigns that encourage hydration, productivity and health.

Set wellness standards by hosting employee health programs centered around the importance of hydration. Wellness campaigns are a great way to encourage, support, and inspire healthy work behaviors, regardless of location. Your human resource department can facilitate hydration competitions, add fun facts about the importance of hydration to employee newsletters, and even host health and wellness seminars on the effects of dehydration. Get creative with it! You can find everything you need to run a fun and engaging wellness campaign focused around hydration here. Also, be sure to share our Why It Pays to Keep Employees Hydrated infographic (above) with your workforce as well. Just copy the code or right-click the infographic and save it to your computer.

Keep your Employees Hydrated with a Quench Bottleless Water Dispenser

At Quench, we believe that a bottleless water dispenser is the best option for businesses with more than 10 employees. When you rent a bottleless water dispenser from Quench, you give your employees easy access to clean, refreshing water and turn hydration into an enjoyable activity.  

Want to learn more about Quench and our bottleless water dispensers? Click here! Can’t wait to get started? Click on the green “Get a Quote” button and we will have one of our Quench Water Experts contact you. Or give us a call at: 844-303-2841

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