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Does Water Give You Energy? Exploring the Role of Hydration in Productivity

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Maintaining productivity and performance in the workplace is essential to driving business results. But, when projects ramp up and team members get busy, it’s easy for hydration to take a backseat.  We’re looking into the significant impact of water intake on energy levels, the risks of dehydration, and how organizations can introduce solutions that promote […] Continue Reading

Can Dehydration Cause Anxiety?

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It’s widely recognized that drinking enough water is an essential element in maintaining health — both mentally and physically. Despite this awareness, a majority of Americans are dehydrated, which can have a considerable influence on how anxious your workforce feels throughout the day.  With a host of health repercussions at stake, we’re taking a closer […] Continue Reading

Can Dehydration Cause Headaches?

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Wonder what could be causing your employees’ headaches? Well, you’re not alone. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the relationship between headache symptoms and dehydration, the impact of chronic headaches from dehydration, and how organizations can boost hydration levels at work. Stick around to discover how a bottleless water dispenser can help employees feel […] Continue Reading

Water Nutrition Facts — The Value of Workplace Hydration

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Most people recognize the importance of drinking enough water every day. Maintaining proper fluid intake is a necessity to support key bodily functions and provide valuable health benefits. But, have you ever wondered what the composition and nutritional value of water really are? We’re taking a closer look at the makeup of water and why […] Continue Reading

How To Drink More Water at Work — Tips for Maintaining Proper Hydration

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Most of us are well aware that drinking enough water every day is not only great for you, but also a necessity. Multiple studies have revealed that staying hydrated is a key factor in becoming a more productive, successful, and generally healthier person. Truly, all healthy roads on the path to well-being seem to lead […] Continue Reading

Hydration Facts — Everything You Need To Know To Stay Hydrated at Work

Water is required for life. It’s a natural resource that’s critical to satisfy health-related needs and support essential body functions, which include our body composition, mental focus, sleep, and recovery, according to Nutrition Reviews. It’s evident that water is a key element responsible for human life on earth, and staying hydrated is vital for our […] Continue Reading

Promoting Hydration in the Workplace

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While most people are aware that water is essential for our health and well-being, staying hydrated may not always be front of mind in a busy work environment.  In fact, a Quench study on hydration in the workplace found that despite 72% of employees stating that good hydration at work was important, over a quarter […] Continue Reading

How Many People Are Dehydrated?

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Not drinking enough water leads to a host of negative physical and mental effects, making it essential to regularly drink water for optimum hydration. Yet, despite the widely-recognized importance of proper fluid intake, people of all ages across the world live their lives at levels of hydration that are significantly below what leading organizations recommend. […] Continue Reading

Why Are We All Dehydrated? — How To Reverse Dehydration in Your Workplace

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Staying properly hydrated is essential. However, despite the universally accepted benefits of drinking fluids throughout the day, most adults are in a state of chronic dehydration. Multiple studies over the years have shown that individuals across age groups are rarely hydrated to levels recommended by leading experts. These alarming statistics extend to the workplace and […] Continue Reading