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10 Ways to Stay Hydrated While Working From Home

A woman working from her home office

While employees across the globe hunker down for the next few weeks, the Quench Water Experts want to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your immune system functioning at its best during your time indoors. One simple step you can take to bolster your immune system is to increase your water […] Continue Reading

Intentions for a Healthier & Eco-Friendlier Self

A reusable bag filled with fruit

We hope that 2020 is off to a great start. It’s a new year AND a new decade! What better time to set goals for your future? New Year’s resolutions seem to be the most popular way of doing this, but maybe they’re too restrictive and a better way to make improvements is to set […] Continue Reading

What is Electrolyte Water and What are the Benefits?

A woman sipping out of a reusable water bottle

We all know drinking water is good for your health, from regulating your body temperature and blood pressure, to improving your mood, memory, and productivity, the benefits of drinking water are truly remarkable1. But are the benefits of drinking H2O heightened by adding electrolytes to water? The Quench Water Experts are here to dive into […] Continue Reading

What Is Alkaline Water and What Are the Benefits?

A woman holding a glass of still water

It’s no secret that drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day is good for your health. As studies suggest, staying hydrated can improve your productivity, mood, memory, energy level, and clarity. But what if we told you that there’s something you can drink that will not only hydrate you faster and longer than […] Continue Reading

6 Tips to Upgrade Your Water and Crush Your Hydration Goals

Two glasses of sparkling water with fruit in them

Have you ever struggled with drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day but have no problem finishing three cups of coffee, a pint of iced tea, and a large soft drink? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Nearly 80% of Americans say they don’t drink enough water, many citing they just don’t like the […] Continue Reading

Troubling News About Bottled Water

Did you hear the troubling news about bottled water?

Bottled water drinkers might be drinking plastic! A recently released study from the State University of New York at Fredonia and the non-profit journalism organization Orb Media tested 259 water bottles from 11 international brands, including Nestle Pure Life, Aquafina, Dasani, and San Pellegrino for the presence of plastic particles in the water. They found […] Continue Reading

10 Tips on Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

10 Tips for Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

We are halfway through 2016! Have you been keeping up with your New Year’s resolution? As celebration of the half-way New Year, we have gathered 10 tips on how drinking more water can help you jumpstart any New Year’s resolution. Here are 10 tips to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions: Lose Weight – […] Continue Reading

Don’t Drink Water From Warm Plastic Bottles

Someone holding a plastic water bottle up to the sunlight

Last updated: 8/16/2021 Scientists from Nanjing University in China and the University of Florida conducted a study on the effects of storing bottled water at 3 different temperatures: 39°F, 77°F, and 158°F to mimic the temperatures of a refrigerator, a standard room, and the inside of a car on a hot summer day. The researchers then checked the […] Continue Reading

Why Water from a Quench Bottleless Water Cooler Tastes So Good

A man holding a glass of water

Last Updated: 8/6/2020 Quench Water Experts take pride in our ability to deliver great-tasting water to the masses from our bottleless water coolers. Yet, to some, great-tasting water sounds like an oxymoron. H2O is H2O, right? In fact, water is famous for being rather plain and bland. However, if you stop to smell the roses […] Continue Reading