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How to Reduce Office Bacteria

pumping hand sanitizer in front of computer

Your offices are overflowing with bacterial growth, and as your colleagues move around the workplace, they’re transferring bacteria from one place to another. Often, the transmission results from poor hygiene, such as employees failing to properly wash their hands, but an equal problem is insufficient cleaning and your workplace hosting various communal touchpoints — leading […] Continue Reading

Does Your Water Taste Bad? Try a Filtered Water Dispenser

A gentleman drinking a glass of water

Flavorful water might seem like a bit of an oxymoron to the average person. Yet, ask any water expert and they will tell you otherwise. The taste of tap water can vary from one location to another, especially if you do not use a filtered water dispenser. If your tap water tastes a little off, […] Continue Reading

Types of Touchless Water Dispensers for Your Business

dispensing touchless water cooler

Cleaning and reducing the spread of germs in the workplace is not a simple task. Quench is helping to make the job easier by providing you with a number of touchless water dispensers to give your staff and your customers peace of mind while remaining hydrated and healthy at work. In July 2020, the CDC […] Continue Reading

Encouraging Teams To Drink More Water at Work — How You Can Help

A woman holding out a glass of still water

This article was updated on 8/2/2022 Although we tend to think of staying hydrated more often in the summer, water is an essential ingredient our bodies need to keep us hydrated any time of year — which has quickly made it critical for organizations and employers to prioritize their workplace drinking water.  Whether your employees […] Continue Reading

Office Cleaning Guide to Prevent the Spread of COVID

Quench COVID cleaning guide

Quench is the leading provider in clean drinking water solutions for businesses nationwide. Therefore, the health of our employees and the health of our customers’ employees, guests, and patients is our top priority. There are many benefits that can come from sending your employees back to the office, such as increased collaboration and productivity. [1] […] Continue Reading

Can Coronavirus Be Transferred Through Drinking Water?

A glass of fresh, filtered water being poured outside

The current worldwide health crisis has consumers stocking up on essential supplies like hand sanitizer, spray disinfectant, and cleaners to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Plastic water bottles are also flying off the shelves, leaving many to wonder if coronavirus can also be transferred through tap water. Well, rest assured, the Quench Water Experts are […] Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Rent a Commercial Ice Machine This Summer

A glass of chewable nugget ice and a glass of tulip-shaped ice

Picture this: melty cubes clinking around a glass followed by the sweet sensation of chilled water trickling down your throat. Doesn’t that just make you want to go grab a drink of water? Me, too! That’s because there are few activities more refreshing than gulping down ice water on a hot day. As you prepare […] Continue Reading