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Does Bottled Water Go Bad in the Heat? — Why You Should Avoid Warm Plastic Bottles at Work

Someone holding a plastic water bottle up to the sunlight

This article was last updated on 8/2/2022 Organizations across industries are in need of clean and great-tasting water to keep employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall performance high. However, if your business currently leverages bottled water options at work, there are a few growing concerns that will be critical to consider moving forward — which include […] Continue Reading

Why Water from a Quench Cooler Tastes So Good

A man holding a glass of water

Last Updated: 8/6/2020 Quench Water Experts take pride in our ability to deliver great-tasting water to the masses from our bottleless water coolers. Yet, to some, great-tasting water sounds like an oxymoron. H2O is H2O, right? In fact, water is famous for being rather plain and bland. However, if you stop to smell the roses […] Continue Reading

Blue-Green Algae Can Cause An Unpleasant Taste

Blue-green algae forming in a local waterway

Some residents in South Carolina have recently noticed a displeasing change in the smell and taste of their tap water. Water officials believe the change in smell and taste is caused by the presence of blue-green algae in Hartwell Lake, a main water source for thousands of people. Blue-green algae, also known as pond scum, […] Continue Reading

Top Five Signs of Wintertime Dehydration

A woman drinking a glass of water at her desk

Dehydration is often considered only an issue during the summertime, when in fact it is much easier to become dehydrated in the winter and with more serious consequences! Factors like dry air, cooler temperatures, and wind chill contribute to dehydration in the wintertime. When we breathe in the colder, drier air of the winter, our […] Continue Reading

Is Fluoride Bad? — Taking a Closer Look at Fluoride in Drinking Water

Fluorine chemical symbol 9

This article was last updated on March 9, 2023.  The topic of adding fluoride to drinking water supplies has been largely controversial for several decades. Many people support the potential health benefits of fluoridated water while others have voiced their doubts. Some have even expressed their opposition to what they consider forced medication by the […] Continue Reading

Is There a Correlation Between BPA and Miscarriages?

A bunch of plastic water bottles lined up

Bisphenol A (BPA), an industrial chemical used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s, can be found in clear plastic bottles, containers that store food, eyeglass lenses, and sports equipment. Researchers have found that BPA mimics estrogen and can affect the body’s endocrine system, especially during rapid stages of growth like while in […] Continue Reading

The Pros and Cons of Drinking Fluoride Water in the Workplace

A woman smiling with beautiful teeth

This article was last updated on 8/4/2022 Adding fluoride to municipal drinking water supplies has been a hot-button issue for years. Some cities and residents support the potential health benefits of widespread fluoridation in the public water supply. Others are opposed to what they consider forced medication by the government and doubt the health benefits […] Continue Reading

Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe To Drink From at Work?

A case of plastic water bottles

LAST UPDATED: August 30, 2023 You’re committed to providing the safest possible working environment for your employees. For this reason, you offer plastic water bottles. After all, bottled water is supposed to be cleaner and safer to drink than tap water, right? That’s what the majority of people think, but more research shows that bottled […] Continue Reading