Sparkling Water Is Fizzing Up

A glass of sparkling water with a lemon slice

Staying hydrated is the key to feeling good all day. Research shows that drinking water can improve your productivity, energy level, and mood. But quenching your thirst no longer means drinking still water. People are obsessing over the bubbly water trend – and no, we are not talking about a soft drink. Sparkling water is taking over the beverage market, and we are here for it!

Sparkling water is the new ‘it’ beverage for the office. As the demand for carbonated soft drinks continue to decline there has been a significant increase in consumption of sparkling water. Sparkling water sales are projected to generate $5B in revenue in the U.S. this year. People have become so fixated with the crisp taste of sparkling water that they seek out new flavors, levels of fizz, and even alcoholic versions of the drink. With its trendy reputation and high demand, the sparkling water industry is thriving. So, get comfy, grab a glass, let the bubbles fill your cup, and continue reading about why sparkling water is the hottest trend of the year.

Sparkling Water is Healthy.

In the past, hydration has solely referred to drinking still water or sugary sports drinks. After many years of doctors, nutritionists, parents, and basically everyone telling us to stop consuming sugary soft drinks, which can be dehydrating, people are opting for a very fizzy alternative. Cue the rise of sparkling water. It turns out that sparkling water, which is simply carbonated water, is just as hydrating as still water. In a recent study comparing the hydration effects of a variety of beverages, carbonation was proven to have little effect on how well it keeps someone hydrated.

That’s great, but does carbonated water have a negative effect on your bone density or tooth enamel? Luckily, the answer is no. Research shows that sparkling water has no effect on your bone density – a myth that was once believed to be true. And according to the American Dental Association, the level of acid in sparkling water does not pose a threat to your teeth. On the flip side, carbonated water does have a positive impact on your health. These low calorie, low sugar, and often naturally flavored beverages make meeting your hydration goals easy and tasty. And the carbonation in the water will make you feel fuller, which can help curb those 3 o’clock cravings!

With the wider availability of sparkling water at work and at home, people can now enjoy keeping themselves hydrated with refreshing, bubbly water. Who knew something as simple as adding fizz and a splash of sugar-free flavor to water could make staying hydrated and healthy so easy?

Sparkling Water is Trendy.

The latest trends right now aren’t just in fashion or technology, but also in sparkling water. According to Technomic, Americans spent about $1.7 billion on sparkling water at restaurants in 2018, a modest amount compared to the $15 billion they forked over for carbonated soft drinks. But while sparkling water is seeing double-digit growth, by those estimates, traditional soda has grown by only 1 percent each year since 2016. Because of this rapid growth, and sparkling water’s ability to comply with just about every diet and befit all age groups, the New York Times is calling it the ‘drink of summer 2019.’

Restaurants, fashion boutiques, gyms, spas, and even everyday professional businesses are offering seltzer to clients and employees alike as another way to stay on trend. Your office break room might even provide sparkling water on tap so that employees have virtually endless access to it without all of the bottles or cans. Offering sparkling water to employees can be a great hiring and retention tool; keeping your employees healthy, happy, and even saving them money. Not to mention, your break room would be top-notch with a bottleless water cooler that offers chilled sparkling water on-demand.

Sparkling Water is Versatile.

If you don’t like the taste of plain sparkling water, don’t worry, there’s flavored sparkling water for you. Some of the most popular flavors are lemon, lime, grapefruit, pomegranate, and black cherry. And if you’re feeling extra dehydrated, you can add electrolytes to your water. Or if you need an afternoon pick-me-up, go ahead and put some caffeine in your sparkling water. That’s right – you can add caffeine to your water!

Sparkling water dispensers come in many forms: on tap, on countertops, and freestanding like a traditional still water cooler. There are machines that offer flavored sparkling water, some that let you mix your favorite flavors, and even let you add vitamins and minerals. With this many options, you can basically become a mixologist and design your own drink. Check out our favorite mocktail recipes from Bevi®! And don’t forget, if you’re trying to ban-the-bottle (plastic water bottles) Quench bottleless sparkling water machines are great options to consider for your workplace.

Drink Quench.

Though we will always love our still water coolers, even at Quench, sparkling has taken over as the hot topic around our water coolers! Between being trendy, having bubbles, and added flavors – the combinations are virtually endless and everyone can have a favorite! So, water you waiting for!? (See what we did there?) Become part of the sparkling water trend! Click here to view Quench’s sparkling water system options.