5 Best Sparkling Water Makers for the Workplace

hand dispensing touchless sparkling water dispenser

Looking for a bubbly treat for your office or commercial space? Quench is here to help you narrow down your options. A sparkling water maker for the workplace can offer an easy, inexpensive boost to employee and customer morale. It can also improve overall hydration levels and serve as an attractive perk for prospective candidates and clients.

Ready to upgrade to sparkling water at work? Here are our favorite sparkling water makers for you to consider.

Quench 533 – Touchless Sparkling Water Dispenser

Quench 533 freestanding and CT sparkling water

      • Price range: $$/month
      • Water types available: Chilled sparkling, cold still, ambient still, hot still
      • Model: Freestanding or countertop
      • Filtration & sanitization available: Antimicrobial surface protection, reverse osmosis or advanced carbon filtration

Find innovation and variety in the Quench 533. This machine is Quench’s first-ever hands-free sparkling water maker. Using sensor-activated (similar to motion sensor) dispensing, the Quench 533 dispenses 4 types of clean, great-tasting water.

Plus, it’s nice to look at! The machine lights up different colors based on the type of water it’s dispensing (dark blue for cold water, light blue for ambient, green for sparkling, red for hot), and its sleek glass front panel is sure to upgrade the look and feel of any break room.

Quench 580 – High-Capacity Sparkling Water Dispenser

Quench 580 undercounter sparkling water dispenser

      • Price range: $$/month
      • Water types available: Chilled sparkling, still cold, still hot
      • Filtration options available: Reverse osmosis or advanced carbon filtration
      • Model: Undercounter with dispensing outlet

This sparkling machine is sure to win over the C-Suite! A Quench 580 is ideal for executive areas and VIP lounges. It has a high dispensing height of 10.24” and it’s stylish – featuring a stainless steel and blue tempered glass construction to improve the ambience of any room. It’s also a great appliance to have around if you plan to host a large corporate event. The Quench 580 has built-in ice bank cooling technology to keep your water cold glass after glass after glass.

Quench 575 – Vivreau® Countertop Mini Bottler

Quench Mini Bottler sparkling water dispenser

      • Price range: $$$/month
      • Water types available: Chilled sparkling, still cold
      • Filtration options available: Reverse osmosis or advanced carbon filtration
      • Model: Countertop

No pantry, kitchenette, or lounge is complete without the Countertop Mini Bottler. This machine dispenses unlimited chilled sparkling water and cold still water. It also comes with ice bank cooling technology, making it perfect for busy restaurants and resorts looking to offer their guests bottomless beverages.

Quench 578 – Vivreau Vi Tap® Sparkling Water Dispenser

Quench ViTap Sparkling Water Dispenser

      • Price range: $$$/month
      • Water types: Chilled sparkling, still cold, still hot
      • Model: Undercounter with dispensing outlet
      • Filtration options available: Reverse osmosis or advanced carbon filtration

This high-class dispenser serves as the focal point of any break room, high-end restaurant, or hotel. With its stylish chrome-finish, the Vi Tap sparkling water dispenser pours unlimited chilled sparkling water, still cold water, and still hot water. It installs under counters and has a dispensing outlet with a height of 9.7” – perfect for filling bottles and carafes. Its built-in ice bank technology keeps the cold water flowing even when there’s high demand.

Bevi Standup 2.0 and Bevi Countertop

Bevi CT and Standup sparkling water dispensers

      • Price range: $$$/month
      • Water types: Flavors, enhancements, chilled sparkling, still cold, still ambient, still hot
      • Click here to explore all the Bevi flavors available
      • Filtration options available: Reverse osmosis or advanced carbon filtration
      • Model: Freestanding or countertop

Add some flavor to your sparkling water with the Bevi Standup 2.0 or the Bevi Countertop. Bevi customers can choose from over 12 natural flavors made from real fruit essence. Mix up to 3 different flavors at once and choose carbonation intensity and flavor strength. With the Bevi 2.0, you can even adjust the temperature of your water. Choose from cold, hot, or ambient water.

Both the Bevi 2.0 and the Bevi Countertop come with touchless dispensing options. Each Bevi displays a QR code on its touchscreen interface. Simply scan the QR code with your phone’s camera and dispense your drink as you would using the Bevi touchscreen. Press play above to see how the touchless technology works.

The Bevi 2.0 is one of our most exciting machines yet! Click here to learn more.

Your Monthly Rental Fee Includes Comprehensive Service

If you’re worried about machine maintenance, consider this: When you rent a machine from Quench, your rental fee INCLUDES maintenance visits! Every 6 months a Quench-badged technician will swing by your facility and change your filter, clean your machine, switch out your CO2 cylinder, and perform any other necessary preventive services.

Each Quench technician trains at “Quench University” where they become masters of all Quench products, how they operate, and how to keep them working at optimal capacity.

Call a Quench representative today and get matched with the best sparkling water maker for your business or organization. Fill out this form to get started or try our Product Finder to keep exploring more options.