Discover the Benefits of Sparkling Water

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When you get busy, it’s easy to overlook proper hydration, yet getting plenty to drink is key to maintaining productivity. If plain water isn’t doing enough to drive your hydration, you might consider trying sparkling water. Boosting water intake with a delicious carbonated drink can revolutionize your hydration habits. 

Read on to discover all of the refreshing benefits that sparkling water offers, and how you can work with a trusted partner to ensure you have access to sparkling beverages on demand. 

What Sets Sparkling Water Apart?

What exactly is sparkling water? It’s essentially carbonated water that’s been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure to create that effervescence and bubbly texture that people have come to know and love. Fizzy water sets itself apart from regular water because tap water in its natural state — without added carbonation — is flat and lacks the characteristic fizziness of a sparkling option. 

Sparkling Water vs. Other Carbonated Drinks

If you enjoy a carbonated beverage, you’ve probably come across several terms used to describe this type of drink: sparkling water, seltzer water, tonic water, mineral water, and club soda. Explore what makes each of these alternatives unique:

  • Seltzer water: This type of carbonated water is generally considered the most similar to sparkling water; however, it may contain added minerals for taste. This differentiates seltzer water from plain sparkling water, but if your sparkling water includes minerals then these beverages are essentially the same. 
  • Tonic water: With tonic water, there’s an addition of quinine. This provides a distinct flavor and makes this alternative a good option to mix with other drinks. 
  • Mineral water: Unlike sparkling water, mineral water is naturally sourced and contains minerals and trace elements. 
  • Club soda: Club soda is distinguished from its sparkling counterpart because it contains added minerals like sodium bicarbonate, giving it a slightly salty taste. 

The Benefits of Sparkling Water Hydration

The increasing preference for this fizzy drink and the potential health benefits it can provide is quickly driving up its market estimates. Brainy Insights reports that the sparkling water market was valued at $32.3 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $93.8 billion by 2030

Here’s a closer look at the advantages the beverage offers:

1. Improved Hydration

Research published in the National Library of Medicine reveals that sparkling water is just as hydrating as regular water. Because sparkling water is effervescent and a little more “fun” than plain water, it often encourages more water consumption throughout the day. As you boost your hydration levels, you enjoy a host of benefits as a result, including improved productivity. 

2. Enhanced Focus and Concentration

Hydration is key to maintaining focus, concentration, and cognitive function from the beginning of the day to the end. Increased hydration and the refreshing fizz of a sparkling drink help revitalize your mind while keeping you energized and alert. By providing a mental boost — without the crash associated with sugary soft drinks — you can enable sustained productivity. 

3. Reduced Sugar Intake

When you need a pick-me-up during the day, it’s easy to reach for a sugary soda to give you a boost. Unfortunately, this does more harm than good, leading to inevitable sugar crashes — not to mention risks of tooth enamel damage and long-term health issues. By reaching for a sparkling alternative, you can significantly reduce your sugar consumption, supporting better dietary choices and long-term wellness. 

4. Supported Digestion

WebMD reports that individuals who experience digestive problems may find some relief by drinking sparkling water. This is often attributed to the carbonation, which may help soothe symptoms of constipation, such as stomach pain and irregular bowel movements. 

5. Increased Employee Satisfaction

Sparkling water in the workplace can be a great perk as well. If you simply provide still tap water, it might not be doing enough to drive hydration and keep your employees satisfied. Introducing sparkling water as a workplace perk demonstrates your concern for employee preferences and well-being, helping you foster a sense of belonging and loyalty. This is an effective way to boost employee morale and satisfaction, contributing to a more positive organizational culture in the long run. 

6. Boosted Employee Wellness

Employee wellness is an increasing priority for businesses across industries today. Incorporating sparkling water into your workplace wellness initiatives can encourage healthier beverage choices and support greater hydration. This contributes to your workforce’s overall wellness and lifestyle improvements outside of the office. With healthier and more productive talent on your side, you can expect lower healthcare costs and improved business results. 

Common Sparkling Water Myths and FAQs

Before choosing the right sparkling machine, there are a few sparkling water myths and frequently asked questions to consider:

Is it safe to drink sparkling water every day?

According to the American Dental Association, it’s safe to consume sparkling water daily — even though it’s more acidic than flat water. Professionals report that available research doesn’t indicate long-term issues with tooth enamel, signifying that it’s all just water to your teeth. What’s more, drinking sparkling water is still far healthier for your teeth than sugary drinks

Is carbonated water bad for people who have trouble swallowing?

Research from the National Library of Medicine indicates that swallowing disorders, also known as dysphagia, have been found to occur in five to 15% of the population — meaning an estimated 15 million Americans have discomfort or difficulty swallowing. While it may seem counterintuitive, UChicago Medicine reveals that studies have shown carbonated water actually helps people clear their throat and swallow better

Does sparkling water interfere with nutrient absorption and calcium density?

If you’ve been concerned about the impact of sparkling water on your nutrient absorption or bone density, rest assured that this fizzy drink doesn’t interfere. The initial concern came about because of the higher acidity levels that are present in sparkling options, causing researchers to fear this might promote osteoporosis similar to soda. Fortunately, because sparkling water is phosphorous-free, it doesn’t lead to the same issues as sugary soft drinks. 

Can sparkling water aid in weight loss?

The short answer is, yes. Because plain sparkling water is a much healthier alternative to sugary soda, it’s a helpful component of a weight loss or healthy lifestyle plan. What’s more, the carbonation in a sparkling beverage tends to create a feeling of fullness or satiety for some people, potentially reducing the urge to snack throughout the workday. However, it’s important to keep in mind that weight loss ultimately depends on several factors not limited to hydration, including overall diet and physical activity. 

Access Sparkling Water On-Demand With Quench

With all of the benefits of sparkling water in mind, a cutting-edge sparkling water machine is a great way to elevate your workplace water offerings — and Quench can help.

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By making the switch to a sparkling water dispenser with Quench, you can help employees ditch the sugary soda and effectively boost hydration levels for a more focused, productive, and engaged team that’s ready to promote organizational success. 

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