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How to Use a Quench Pod Coffee Brewer

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How to Use a Quench Pod Coffee Brewer
Quench's single-cup pod brewers are environmentally-friendly brewing alternative. Watch our How-To Video to see the Quench Pod Brewer in action!

When it comes to office coffee, it’s nice to have options. Quench single-cup coffee pods gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of coffee flavors without the environmental waste.

Coffee pods are small, round, almost flat discs of ground coffee wrapped in biodegradable filter paper. They allow users to brew their favorite roast to their personal strength profile in under a minute.

Quench offers over 15 different coffee pod flavors. Some of those rich, delicious flavors include:

  • Breakfast Blend
  • Espresso Blend
  • Hawaiian Kona
  • Sea Salt Caramel
  • French Vanilla
  • Jamaican Me Crazy

Click this link to view our entire selection of coffee pod flavors.

And if you’re interested in learning how to use a Quench pod coffee brewer, press the play button on the video above.  

In addition to being environmentally sustainable, coffee pods are budget friendly as well. In fact, pod brewing is 24% less expensive per cup than Keurig® machines. On average, a single cup of coffee from a Keurig costs 66 cents while a single cup of coffee brewed using a pod coffee maker cost about 50 cents. So, if you’re interested in saving money, saving the environment, AND drinking better coffee, it’s time to make the switch to coffee pods.  

A Quench Water Expert is standing by to help set you up with a pod coffee brewer for your workplace. Schedule an appointment to speak to a Quench representative about ordering pod coffee brewers today.

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