How Tos

Learn how Quench installs our bottleless water coolers, get a copy of our pre-installation checklist, plus water dispensing instructions, and more!

Quench Sparkling Water Machine Installation Checklist

Quench Pre-Installation Checklists

We are excited for your workplace to have great-tasting sparkling or still water! Before our certified technician can install your sparkling water dispenser or Hydration Station, there are some pre-installation requirements. Download the checklist for your machine below to make sure you have a quick and smooth installation. Quench 570- FS Pre-Installation Checklist Quench 575-CT […]

Attention: Water Emergency sign

Water Emergency Page

Important Information for Our Customers Affected by Hurricanes/Flooding As the water recedes from the hurricane/flooding, Quench Customer Care will help you “get back to normal.” Two of the most common questions our customers have: Q: My local authorities have issued a “boil water” advisory.  Can I still use my water cooler? A: PLEASE CAREFULLY FOLLOW […]

Quench water cooler installation is easy

(Video) The Step-By-Step Guide to Bottleless Water Cooler Installation

Watch the video above for more insight into our installation process (scroll to the bottom of the page for the video transcription). If you have any questions, please call a Quench Water Expert at 1.888.877.0561. Your workforce deserves more than the minimum when it comes to viable water solutions. Water up by getting a Quench bottleless water cooler installed in your building. […]