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WHITE PAPER: How Bottleless Water Coolers Help Businesses Cut Costs, Improve Sustainability, and Enhance Employee Wellness

bottleless water cooler white paper

Quench’s White Paper discusses the reasons behind the growing trend of organizations switching from bottled to filtered water coolers. Also called “point-of-use” or “bottleless” coolers, filtered water coolers compress the sophisticated purification technology of a filtration plant into an appliance the size of a traditional bottled water cooler, which can be placed anywhere in the workplace. The key drivers behind the switch to filtered water coolers fall into 3 categories: cutting costs, improving sustainability, and enhancing employee wellness.

Download Quench’s White Paper now or read an excerpt from Quench’s White Paper below:

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Water Cooler(s) Immediately

Cost ReductionEliminating the costs of water delivery provides savings for all workplaces from Wall Street to Main Street! In fact, the larger the workplace (and the more bottles consumed), the greater the savings. Freeing workers from managing plastic jug inventory also leads to savings in the form of productivity gains.
Improve SustainabilityJust one bottleless water cooler can keep 7,000 plastic bottles or 150 5-gallon jugs out of the environment every year. Plus, a bottleless water cooler is responsible for around 53% fewer tons of carbon emissions per year than a bottled water delivery service. Thus, filtered water coolers provide organizations with one of the few opportunities to reduce their environmental footprint while also saving money.
Enhance Employee
Bottleless water coolers use state-of-the-art filtration technology to improve water quality. Conversely, bottled water coolers require an extensive and frequent cleaning regimen to maintain similar levels of cleanliness.

Explore more benefits bottleless water coolers can offer your business by downloading the Quench White Paper now.

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