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How to Enable BEVI Touchless Dispensing

Bevi brought to you by Quench touchless sparkling water cooler

Download How to Enable BEVI Touchless Dispensing PDF.

BEVI machines are now touchless! Check out the video to implement the touchless QR technology.

How to Enable Touchless Dispensing

  • Go to the Ingredients page using the BEVI Touchscreen
  • Slide the Touchless toggle switch to the right, and your machine is now enabled.

How to Use Touchless Dispensing

  • Scan QR code on the BEVI touchscreen with your phone’s camera or QR reader app.
  • Open the link that appears on your phone’s screen (no downloading required).
  • Dispense your drink as you would using the BEVI touchscreen.
  • Exit from the website and enjoy!