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Quench Manufacturing Case Study

Quench Manufacturing Case Study

Warehouses and distribution centers are busy, high-traffic areas – places where efficiency really matters – switching 5-gallon water jugs, escorting delivery people, and worrying about running out of drinking water on hot days, can be distracting to busy employees.

Quench bottleless filtration systems can keep your team hydrated and operating at peak performance! “Quench bottleless water coolers can reduce the risk of spills, leaks, and accidents in addition to ensuring employees are happy and hydrated,” said a Quench Water Expert.

Here is a case study of how Quench provided an eco-friendly, cost-effective filtered drinking water solution for a technical manufacturing location.

The Challenge

  • 450,000 sq. ft. government and private manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado
  • Seeking a uniform and environmentally sustainable drinking water solution

The Solution

  • Quench Local Water Experts and Service Technicians toured the Boulder, CO facility
  • Quench installed 19 hot and cold water filtration systems in facility

The Story

A manufacturer of satellites, spacecraft, instruments and sensors, and other aerospace components for the military and commercial sectors, needed an environmentally sustainable solution that would provide enough hot and cold water for their employees in their approximately 450,000 sq. ft. manufacturing center in Boulder, CO. The Director of Facilities wanted a uniform solution for the entire center as some departments were purchasing 5-gallon jugs while others relied on drinking fountains.

After connecting with the Director of Facilities at the International Facility Management Association’s annual World Workplace tradeshow, Quench toured the Boulder, CO facility with both the Director of Facilities and Facilities Manager selecting key locations for 19 bottleless water coolers.

The Results

After the successful rollout of the first installation of 19 bottleless water coolers, Quench installed an additional 57 bottleless water coolers in three different Colorado locations, including their corporate headquarters.

Here are the results:

  1. Increased availability of freshly-filtered drinking water
  2. Provided uniform drinking water solution for the entire manufacturing facility
  3. Expanded to over 70 bottleless water coolers across 3 different facilities/buildings

Get a Quench Bottleless Water Cooler Today

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