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Day Zero Water Case Study

Om Sanan with Basket Ball Coach in front of Q12 water cooler

Read on to learn how Quench, in partnership with a student-led non-profit, provided high school students in New York City with easy access to clean, great-tasting water throughout their school days.

The Challenge

  • Bronx high school with aging infrastructure and old pipes could not reliably provide filtered, mineral-infused drinking water to students and staff.
  • Students and staff had to purchase single-use water bottles from vending machines to hydrate throughout the school day.

The Solution

  • Day Zero Water provided free water testing to determine the school’s need for filtered water.
  • Quench Q12 high-capacity water cooler was installed in a high traffic area in the school to properly hydrate staff and students.

The Results

  • One Quench Q12 hydrates nearly 500 students and staff.
  • Students and staff no longer need to rely on single-use plastic water bottles.
  • Around 70,000 single-use water bottles saved each year.

The Story

Day Zero Water, a student-led non-profit organization, helps raise clean water awareness and installs water filtration systems in high-water stress areas in the U.S. and beyond by targeting schools with the highest need for water quality improvement.

Day Zero Water has implemented and fundraised for water treatment plans in Africa, India, and the U.S. – with the current U.S. focus being on New York. Day Zero Water tested the water from the single working water fountain at Monsignor Scanlan High School in the Bronx, New York, and found that the school did not meet the criteria to pass Day Zero Water’s water testing due to aging infrastructure. Om Sanan, founder and CEO of Day Zero Water, was privy to Quench and the machines, as his high school in Scarsdale, NY, has a Quench water cooler. He reached out to partner with Quench and provided water treatment solutions to the school’s principal, Eric Mercado. Quench recommended the installation of a Quench Q12 to provide an endless supply of hot, cold, and ambient filtered drinking water to the 500 students and numerous faculty at Monsignor Scanlan High School.

Before Quench and Day Zero Water, staff and nearly 500 students had to bring water from home or purchase single-use water bottles from various vending machines around the school. Since having a Quench machine installed in the first level of the school, students and staff have been very pleased with the new amenity, now being able to stay adequately hydrated and save money during the school day. Because of Day Zero Water’s persistence and passion for clean water and Quench’s machines that provide fresh, endless filtered water, this Bronx high school no longer worries about where or how students or staff are staying hydrated.


Education buildings and campuses are complicated places – lots of thirsty people, multiple buildings of varied sizes and purposes, and vocal sustainability movements. Quench offers a broad product line of water filtration systems, including drinking water coolers, ice machines, and flavored water dispensers to
meet complex needs.

Quench has a dedicated customer service team standing behind every system we install. Our field technicians and customer care representatives are certified and knowledgeable about our equipment, filtration technologies, service, and problem resolution.

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