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Quench 960/965

Quench 960/965


Filtered Water Dispenser & Chewable Ice Machine – 7 lbs storage

Available with touchless dispensing.
  • All-in-one filtered water dispenser with chewable ice
  • Dispenses hot and room temperature filtered water
  • Produces up to 125 lbs. of chewable ice per day*
  • Stores up to 7 lbs of ice
  • Antimicrobial surface protection with LED UV to maintain ice freshness and cleanliness
  • Hot water safety dispensing
  • Touchless dual-pedal dispensing or touch sensor interface
  • ADA compliant
  • Taller ergonomic “no-bend” dispensing design (freestanding model)
  • Countertop model fits under most cabinets: Quench 965

* Ice production can change based on source water temperature and ambient air temperature.

See How it Works
I have everyone coming to me about the Quench 960/965. My guys said they ‘love the taste of the water and the ice’...I like the machine itself. It’s so modern and looks really clean. The buttons are super easy to press, and the flow of water comes out on time; never too fast.

Quench 960 High-Capacity
Water & Ice Dispenser

  • The first high-capacity water and ice dispenser with hot water.
  • Produces up to 125 lbs. of high-quality chewable nugget ice per day with 7 lbs of storage.
  • Provides an endless supply of freshly filtered ambient and hot drinking water.
  • With its “no-bend” ergonomic design, the Quench 960 is an attractive addition to any workplace.
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The Quench 960.

In this video, we’ll take you on a quick tour of the first high-capacity water and ice dispenser with hot water – the exciting Quench 960.

The Quench 960 water and ice dispenser can produce up to 125 lbs. of high-quality chewable nugget ice per day with storage for 7 lbs, while at the same time providing an endless supply of freshly filtered ambient and hot drinking water. With its taller “no-bend” ergonomic design and drainless technology, the Quench 960 is an attractive addition to any workplace location – break room, kitchen, or hallway. The Quench 960 is also available as a compact space-saving countertop model that fits under most cabinets.

Let’s take a look at some of the 960’s state-of-the-art features.

  • One key advantage of the Quench 960 is that we maintain and take care of it for you.
  • The 960 has an optional touchless sensor-activated dispensing panel with a hot water safety feature. It’s easy to use and hygienic, especially in shared spaces.
  • The 960 uses Quench advanced water filtration to produce great-tasting water and ice and features an air filter and ice chute door to maintain sanitary ice dispensing, eliminating bacteria growth worries
  • The Quench 960 can produce up to 125 lbs. of chewable compressed nugget ice per day and store up to 7 lbs. of ice – plenty of ice for the whole office, even those ice munchers.
  • With a single dispensing spout for ambient and hot drinking water, the Quench 960 is three machines in one: an ice dispenser with all day ice for everyone, a hot water dispenser that keeps your tea drinkers happy, and an ambient water supply that’s perfect for hydrating your entire office.
  • With drainless technology for easy and practical installation and leak detection technology to keep spills and mess to a minimum, the Quench 960 offers peace of mind.
  • Advanced surface protection as well as touchless controls keeps the 960 clean and hygienic no matter how many users you have
  • The large 9″ dispense height is perfect for large mugs and glasses.
  • At 45″ high, the freestanding model is the perfect height for easy dispensing. Its small 14.1″ by 21.7″ footprint lets you fit it almost anywhere that there’s power and water source nearby.

The Quench 960 is available as both a compact freestanding model and as the Quench 965, a countertop model. Water and ice up with the Quench 960! To find out more Call your Quench expert today or visit quenchwater.com

About the Quench 960/965 Filtered Water Dispenser and Chewable Ice Machine

The Quench 960/965 takes hydration to the next level by providing fresh filtered water and chewable nugget ice on-demand.
The Quench 960/965 offers safe and sanitary touchless dispensing via a dual-action foot pedal, plus antimicrobial protection.
The state-of-the-art filtration system in the Quench 960/965 reduces chemical contaminants, removes sediment and small particles, and eliminates off-tastes and odors.
LED UVC sanitization to guarantee fresh, clean drinking water and ice for the most modern workplaces.

The Quench Difference

It’s More Than Filtered Water & Ice

An endless supply of premium filtered water and ice for one low monthly fee – up to 80% less than bottled water delivery.
Bottleless water coolers and ice dispensers eliminate over 70 million pounds of plastic bottles in landfills each year.
No ordering bottles of water or bags of ice or dealing with delivery and storage. Our filtered water and ice dispensers connect directly to your water supply.
Enjoy great-tasting, filtered water and ice without chemicals, contaminants, sediments, or odors.

Filtration Advantages

See the Quench Difference

A woman drinking a glass of water in her office
Quench point-of-use ice and water dispensers use advanced filtration and sanitization technologies like carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, UV sanitization, and antimicrobial surface protection to remove sediment, reduce lead and other chemicals, and get rid of off tastes and odors.
A group of employees gathered around an office desk
Quench customers save up to 80% versus bottled water or bagged ice delivery. How? By filtering water straight from your building’s pipes using point-of-use filtration technologies, you skip the costs and waste of bottling, bagging, packaging, and shipping ice and water. Quench bottleless ice and water cooler rentals eliminate hidden costs by charging a single, all-inclusive monthly fee.
A woman checking off her checklist
You’re busy; your last worry should be your office ice and water quality. Let Quench handle your ice and drinking water solutions so you can get back to what really matters. Quench charges one low monthly fee that covers your bottleless water cooler and ice machine rental(s), all the filtered water your staff can drink, plus maintenance and filter changes to save you time.
Person holding the Earth in their hands
Bagging ice and bottling water is not only expensive, it’s wasteful. Quench bottleless ice machines and water coolers reduce plastic waste and the pollution of ice and water delivery by filtering your building’s own drinking water using point-of-use filtration. Each year, this equals up to 90% savings in carbon emissions versus bagged ice and bottled water delivery.