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OSHA Drinking Water Requirements That Every Employer Needs To Know

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Multiple studies over the years have underlined the importance of hydration, highlighting that proper water intake throughout the day keeps the body and brain functioning correctly. Moreover, as workplaces navigate uncertainty and fierce competition, employee performance has become an increasingly important issue as a key factor in driving business success. Luckily for employers, offering valuable tools […] Continue Reading

Why Are We All Dehydrated? — How To Reverse Dehydration in Your Workplace

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Staying properly hydrated is essential. However, despite the universally accepted benefits of drinking fluids throughout the day, most adults are in a state of chronic dehydration. Multiple studies over the years have shown that individuals across age groups are rarely hydrated to levels recommended by leading experts. These alarming statistics extend to the workplace and […] Continue Reading

How to Reduce Office Bacteria

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Your offices are overflowing with bacterial growth, and as your colleagues move around the workplace, they’re transferring bacteria from one place to another. Often, the transmission results from poor hygiene, such as employees failing to properly wash their hands, but an equal problem is insufficient cleaning and your workplace hosting various communal touchpoints — leading […] Continue Reading

What Is Still Water? — Still vs. Sparkling Water for Your Workplace

glass of still water next to glass of sparkling water

Water is essential to any workplace. It can be used to hydrate, regulate body temperature, and prevent kidney damage. But, has your company considered the new trend in water — sparkling water? When compared to the negative health impacts of soda, or other fizzy drinks with sugar, it’s no surprise that sparkling water would win […] Continue Reading

Is Drinking Cold Water Better Than Hot Water?

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Organizations are increasingly aware of the true value of high-quality workplace drinking water. However, with so many options for the type and temperature of water to offer, it can be difficult to gauge what’s best for your employees, guests, and customers.  For organizations in pursuit of the best water supply to support their teams and […] Continue Reading

Why It’s Important To Have BPA Free Bottled Water – And Beneficial Alternatives To Consider

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Water is a key element in keeping our bodies functioning properly, and because of this, workplaces are constantly in pursuit of the best ways to keep their employees, guests, and consumers hydrated. Ensuring that valuable team members and consumers drink enough fluids can go a long way toward supporting organizational efficiency and productivity long term.  […] Continue Reading

Why Does My Water Smell Like Bleach?

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Have you noticed a weird smell coming from your water? If it resembles bleach, it can be pretty alarming, but rest assured this is likely not caused by harmful contaminants. People often associate the smell of chlorine with that of bleach. In this case, however, chlorine is manually added to public water systems and functions […] Continue Reading

Why Does My Water Smell Like Fish?

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An unwanted smell from your drinking water is often a sign of bigger issues plaguing your tap or pipes. If you are noticing a fish smell in your water, this is likely due to naturally occurring organic material that has found its way into your water source. Often this smell does not signify the presence […] Continue Reading