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6 Benefits of Switching from Bottled Water Coolers to Bottleless Water Coolers

5-gallon jug water cooler vs. bottleless water cooler in a boxing ring

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “water cooler?” Does your mind immediately go to an image of an upside-down 5-gallon water jug? If so, you’re not alone. That upside-down jug has been an office staple for decades. But did you know there’s an even cooler (pun intended) water dispenser that surpasses its 5-gallon […] Continue Reading

The Importance of Knowing Your Local Water Quality

Local Water Treatment plant

Why does your local water quality matter if you’re going to filter it anyway? In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets and enforces health standards to remove contaminants in public drinking water. Those standards help ensure clean water is delivered to your homes. Yet, accidents happen, and water pollutants from both natural […] Continue Reading

How a Quench Technician Installs a Bottleless Water Cooler

Top-down view of the Quench Q7 touchless filtered water cooler

A bottleless water cooler installation is quick and easy, especially when it’s done by a Quench certified technician. Quench technicians can install a cooler virtually anywhere in your office; in a break room, in a hallway, a waiting room, you name it. This can be particularly useful for companies that implement neighborhood office layouts. As […] Continue Reading

The Benefits of Having a Flavored Water Dispenser in Your Office

bevi machine in breakroom-min

Cultivating a positive company culture can be a challenge, especially now, as many businesses operate remotely. If you plan to follow the lead of brands like Amazon, Microsoft, and Capital One,[1] and return to the office this fall, think about ways to boost morale as employees head back. Many of your workers have spent months […] Continue Reading

The Quench Water Experts Explain Why Ice Water Tastes So Good

Two glasses of ice water

Have you ever reached for a tall glass of water on a hot summer day expecting it to be ice cold only to find it’s lukewarm, or worse, hot?! That’s like pouring salt in your coffee thinking that it’s sugar; disappointing at best and disgusting at worse. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as ice water, […] Continue Reading

The Importance of Staying Hydrated While You Work

A woman holding out a glass of still water

Summer is here! Keep those white sandy beach weekends and backyard barbecues coming! The dog days will be here before you know it. And if you don’t fully understand the importance of staying hydrated, it’s possible you won’t prioritize hydration in the workplace. Water is an essential ingredient our bodies need to fight against the […] Continue Reading

Quench’s Office Cleaning Guide to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Quench COVID cleaning guide

After several months of most of the country being on stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19, states are slowly beginning to reopen their doors for business, recreation, and entertainment. Each state is handling the reopening process differently, but the majority are taking a phased approach. Our office cleaning guide can further help mitigate the risk of […] Continue Reading