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Water Nutrition Facts — The Value of Workplace Hydration

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Most people recognize the importance of drinking enough water every day. Maintaining proper fluid intake is a necessity to support key bodily functions and provide valuable health benefits. But, have you ever wondered what the composition and nutritional value of water really are? We’re taking a closer look at the makeup of water and why […] Continue Reading

What Goes Into the Conventional Water Treatment Process?

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City wastewater treatment is vital for providing a safe, drinkable supply to local populations. Public utilities companies have a responsibility to ensure they treat municipal water so people feel confident drinking from the tap. Authorities monitor the water treatment process to check that potential contaminants never pose a serious threat to human health. Water passes […] Continue Reading

How To Drink More Water at Work — Tips for Maintaining Proper Hydration

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Most of us are well aware that drinking enough water every day is not only great for you, but also a necessity. Multiple studies have revealed that staying hydrated is a key factor in becoming a more productive, successful, and generally healthier person. Truly, all healthy roads on the path to well-being seem to lead […] Continue Reading

29 Facts About Water Pollution and How to Address it

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At the time of writing, 7.999 billion people live on our blue planet. This figure is expected to rise to a staggering 10 billion by 2058, according to WorldoMeter. As the population grows, our resource demand is causing more and more problems. Water resources, in particular, are dramatically impacted by population growth, and water across […] Continue Reading

How Much is Bottled Water Delivery Costing Your Business?

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This may come as a shock, but did you know that about 45% of the world’s bottled water comes from municipal water supply systems? This source is  better known as “tap water.” That’s right, major bottled water companies get about 55% of their supply from spring water but the rest is essentially tap water that’s […] Continue Reading

Hydration Facts — Everything You Need To Know To Stay Hydrated at Work

Water is required for life. It’s a natural resource that’s critical to satisfy health-related needs and support essential body functions, which include our body composition, mental focus, sleep, and recovery, according to Nutrition Reviews. It’s evident that water is a key element responsible for human life on earth, and staying hydrated is vital for our […] Continue Reading

Where Does Bottled Water Come From? — Recognizing What’s in Your Bottled Water at Work

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Providing clean water at work is always an essential goal for organizations. However, workplaces that rely on plastic bottles for their drinking water supply — whether that be a single-use bottled water product or a 5-gallon jug — are increasingly recognizing the adverse effects these solutions can have.  Despite growing concerns over plastic bottle usage, […] Continue Reading

What Are Total Dissolved Solids and Are They Safe to Drink?

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Everybody prefers odorless, tasteless water to drink, and its accessibility is something many Americans might take for granted. Although it’s great to find a workplace that values offering safe, accessible drinking water to employees, it’s actually the law.  According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the expectation for employers in the United States is […] Continue Reading