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Vero +4 Touchless

Still & Sparkling Water Dispenser

  • Cold and ambient filtered water
  • Chilled sparkling water
  • Chills up to 180 liters of filtered water in an hour with a maximum flow capacity of 240 liters per hour*
  • Touchless dispensing
  • Vero+ advanced filtration
  • 48 reusable Vero glass bottles provided
  • Available with pull-tap dispensing with the Vero 4+
Ideal For:
Restaurants & Cafés
Resorts & Hotels
Cruises & Ferries
Banquet, Catering &
Conference Centers

Product Details

  • Freshly chilled still and sparkling water through ice bank technology
  • Stainless steel design resists fingerprints and dirt
  • Dispensing height of 14.5″ to accommodate Vero glass bottles
  • Installed and pre-regulated with proper backflow prevention
  • Easily connects to either an external CO2 tank or bulk CO2 supply
  • All products are certified by independent authorized 3rd party laboratories in accordance with appropriate industry standards
  • To find out more about which certification your product may have, please contact us

Transform Your Guests’ Hydration Experience

Lease the Vero 4+ Touchless today and receive our unmatched Vero customer experience.


Product Specifications
Vero +4 Touchless
27.4 in / 69.5 cm
17.3 in / 48.9 cm
23.7 in/ 60 cm
Dry Height
14.5 in / 36.9 CM
Dry Weight
110 lbs. / 50 kg
Dispense Height
14.5 in / 36.9 cm
Chilling Capacity
180 liters in an hour
Maximum Flow Capacity
240 liters per hour
Rated Voltage/Frequency/Running Amps
Rated Voltage: 115 V
Frequency: 60Hz
Running Amps : 8 amps
Available external CO2 tank or bulk CO2 supply connection; Runs at 55 PSI

Installation and Maintenance

Our certified technicians train at “Quench University” where they master the technology behind each filtered water system and what it takes to keep the filtered water dispensers operational. When you rent from Quench, you enjoy:

  • Easy installs that typically take less than an hour
  • Annually scheduled inspections and filter changes
  • Responsive representatives who are on call from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST to answer your questions

Local Service on a National Scale

Our in-depth knowledge of water conditions across North America makes us the ideal partner for any business looking to invest in a water filtration system. We conduct over 260,000 water quality tests annually, allowing us to tailor our advanced filtration and sanitization technologies according to your local water quality and filtration needs.

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Quench USA Inc.
Not having a lot of water bottles going to waste every day is a great thing for us.
Quench USA Inc.
Because we do so much volume, our profits are far better than selling bottled water. My savings throughout the year are fantastic.