Considering a Touchless Water Dispenser — From Convenience to Sanitation to Health Benefits

Touchless water dispenser in office

If you’ve been considering a touchless water dispenser for your business, you’re not alone. Companies of all shapes and sizes are recognizing the benefits associated with a hands-free filtered water dispenser and working toward improving their sanitation systems, and your office could be next. These innovative water systems  might be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

What Are Touchless Water Dispensers and How Do They Work?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses are considering touchless water coolers for their improved sanitation and health benefits. Luckily, these dispensers have the added touch of convenience to make the idea of switching to hands-free even more appealing. But if your business doesn’t already take advantage of touchless dispensing, you might be wondering how these systems work. 

Contactless dispensers utilize advanced technology to initiate machine use without the need for physical touch. As these solutions continue to grow, more and more options for hands-free activation are available. The main types of activation technologies include:

  • Position sensitive detectors (A.K.A., sensor-activated dispensing)
  • SensorSAFE™
  • Dual-action foot pedals
  • QR codes and phone apps
  • Paddles

With any of these options, your workplace water dispenser is intended to recognize your activation request and operate accordingly. These solutions are a key element in helping employees and guests avoid handling machines, which aids your business in maintaining top health and safety standards. The enhanced convenience and ease of use offered by a hands-free bottleless water cooler is just the cherry on top. 

Contactless Water Dispenser Features to Consider

If your organization currently utilizes a bottleless water cooler to provide your workforce and customers with an endless supply of filtered water, you’ll be happy to hear a contactless dispenser offers water that’s just as high quality. Dispensers from vendors like Quench® use a combination of advanced touchless activation and purification technologies to create the cleanest hydration experience possible. This is essential for businesses that are concerned about cross-contamination in their offices or facilities and want to prioritize the well-being of their workers and customers. 

New touchless hydration solutions, like the Quench Q-Series, are available in a range of dispensing capacities — so workplaces of all sizes and configurations can ensure proper hydration for staff and customers. With sensor-activated dispensing and a 5-filter setup to filter out impurities, add electrolytes, and improve taste, your business can promote a healthy workplace while providing great-tasting water. 

The Sanitation and Health Benefits of a Hands-Free Water Dispenser

COVID-19 quickly changed the way we view our work environment and how we should operate, especially in terms of cleaning and reducing the spread of germs. In fact, a report from CNBC found that 66% of U.S. workers find cleaning practices at work extremely important today and that proper sanitation systems would make them feel safer. As sanitation and health standards in the workplace become more critical than ever, there’s never been a more appropriate time to consider a contactless water dispenser for your business.  

Implementing a touchless water cooler dispenser can help your organization see a host of sanitation and health advantages, as well as the spillover benefits of a bottleless water cooler, which include:

  • Reducing the spread of germs and bacteria: With advanced solutions for hands-free activation and filtration systems, your business can leverage great-tasting water while reducing the need to handle machines. 
  • Decreased absenteeism in your workforce: High absenteeism in your workforce is detrimental to your bottom line, but with proper sanitation systems set in place, you’re likely to have healthier employees. Employees who are healthy will not only be present but also capable of performing to their fullest potential. 
  • Increased retention rates: According to a report from Paychex, 60% of employees consider well-being support a top priority when considering a new job or staying with a current employer. As businesses implement strategies to promote the well-being of their employees, they’re likely to see happier workers who are more productive and loyal. 
  • Cost-efficiency: A contactless office water cooler doesn’t only offer sanitation and health benefits, but budgetary advantages as well. Switching from bottled water coolers is a more cost-efficient way to provide your employees and customers with an endless supply of fresh filtered water in the long run. 
  • Reduced environmental impact: Plastic bottle waste and CO2 emissions from delivery trucks involved in bottled water service are also highly damaging to the environment. Considering a touchless and bottleless water cooler dispenser is an effective way to greatly diminish your business’s environmental impact. 

Getting a Touchless Water Dispenser for Your Business

Quench offers a breadth of hands-free water dispensers to give your staff and customers peace of mind while promoting hydration and health along the way. As organizations progressively consider the shift to a touchless bottleless water cooler, it might be time for your business to follow suit.

With Quench, you can explore an assortment of contactless water dispensers to find the machine that’s the best fit for your organization. Request a consultation with a Quench Water Expert to learn more about the switch to hands-free dispensers or try our product finder to discover the option that’s right for you. If you’re ready to introduce a healthier, more convenient option for drinking water to your business, get a free quote today.