Overview and Benefits of Utilizing an Office Ice Machine

Ice machine on countertop

Fresh ice from an office dispenser adds a little something extra to your drinking water, and the advantages these ice machines offer are more than meets the eye. If you’ve been considering an ice machine for your business, we’re taking a closer look into the options available to you and the benefits you can expect to see as a result. 

Ice Makers and Your Business

Offering high-quality and crystal clear ice to your employees and customers is a compelling way to upgrade your office water, and ensuring your workforce has access to purified drinking water and fresh ice might have a larger impact on your overall business than you might realize. 

Not only are these machines more cost-effective and space-efficient than traditional ice delivery but they’re more eco-friendly as well. But, before you can reach these benefits you’ll have to determine what machine will be the best for your office. 

Machine Types and Features to Consider

If you’ve decided an office ice maker is just what your business needs, you’ll be glad to know there is an abundance of options to choose from. When considering which machine is the right choice for your business, a clear understanding of the types available — and their associated features — can help make your decision a bit easier. 

Some of the most common types of office ice machines to consider include:

Freestanding ice machines

Freestanding Ice Machine

A freestanding ice machine is often a popular choice for offices with its advanced features and slim design. Not only does this contemporary machine provide 8.8 pounds of high-quality ice storage capacity, but it also produces 44 pounds of ice per day and offers touchless dispensing. 

Countertop ice makers

Countertop Ice Machine

Also known as a portable ice maker, a countertop ice machine is typically a smaller option. They produce approximately 25 pounds of ice per day and provide about 10 pounds of storage — depending on the size you choose. Portable ice makers, or countertop ice makers, aren’t designed to produce as much ice, but they may be a suitable option if you have a smaller-scale workforce. 

Undercounter ice machines


You might also consider an undercounter ice maker for your business. These machines generate up to 125 pounds of ice per day, with 7 pounds of storage capacity. With a filtered water dispenser and drainless technology, these enhanced machines are always a good option — and the best part, they produce fan-favorite chewable ice that your employees and customers will love. 

Bin ice machines

Bin ice machine

Ideal for built-in applications, a commercial bin ice machine is optimal for businesses that require high ice production and ice bin storage. This ice storage capacity ranges from 383 to 532 pounds, and ice production reaches up to 575 pounds per day. 

Vendors like Quench® provide advanced service and solutions to enhance your ice maker experience even more. Ice makers are typically a headache to keep clean, but the improved sanitation and filtration included with Quench machines actively mitigates the need for excess cleaning. Moreover, its  commercial ice machines are rented, which means professional service is included. With responsive and reliable service across the country, you can rest assured that your machine is in the best condition and that proper support is available whenever you need it. 

The Benefits of an Ice Machine for Your Office

When it comes to the benefits of an ice dispenser, enhancing your office atmosphere and improving the taste of your water is just the tip of the iceberg — no pun intended. A commercial ice machine is an effective way to provide a host of benefits to your business, including:

    • Increasing employee retention: Amidst the Great Resignation, improving your employee retention is more important than ever. Providing ice to your workforce may seem like a simple gesture, but it’s a powerful way to boost office morale. As morale and satisfaction improve, long-term retention is likely to increase as a result. 
    • Ensuring employees stay healthy and hydrated: The well-being of your employees is likely at the forefront of your priorities already, and there’s no better way to ensure a healthy and hydrated workforce than with water filtration systems and office ice makers. More than the good ethics of focusing on employee wellness, the health of your workforce is vital to operational efficiency — as the CDC reports workplace health reduces absenteeism and increases productivity.  
  • Improving concentration and energy: According to HuffPost, advanced water and ice solutions can also successfully improve brain function, increase energy levels, and reduce fatigue. These benefits are essential to improve and maintain your business operations. 
  • Upgrading the customer experience:  Not only can your employees take advantage of an enhanced ice maker in your office, but it’s also a compelling option to improve your customer care as well. Upgrading the customer experience is an incredibly effective way to make your business stand out from competitors. 

Choosing Your Ice Machine

An ice machine is certainly an initial investment, but the long-term benefits of an ice maker for your office are unmistakably worthwhile. With all of the options available, it can feel overwhelming trying to find the most suitable machine for your business. That’s where Quench comes in. 

Quench can help you navigate the procurement process so that choosing and acquiring the right commercial ice maker is simple. With advanced solutions and reliable service, they’re a vendor you can consistently depend on. Try our product finder to get matched with the best  commercial ice dispenser for your business and get a free quote to start your journey to an office ice maker today.