Why Does Ice Water Taste So Good?

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Have you ever reached for a tall glass of water on a hot summer day expecting it to be ice cold only to find it’s lukewarm, or worse, hot?! That’s like pouring salt in your coffee thinking that it’s sugar; disappointing at best and disgusting at worse.

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as ice water, especially during the warmer months. But why is that? Why does ice water taste so good? Scientists have a few theories. Read on to discover why we can’t seem to get enough of the cold stuff and why an ice and water machine is an excellent choice for your office.

Ice Suppresses the Flavor of the Beverage It’s In

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Researchers believe most people prefer to drink ice water because it’s less flavorful than room temperature water. That might sound counterintuitive, but warm water (especially warm unfiltered water) tends to taste sweeter and more acidic. Cold water, on the other hand, suppresses the sensitivity of our taste buds and quells any impurities that make the water taste slightly different.

Humans Have an Acquired Taste for Cold Water

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What sounds more appealing: a stagnant puddle or a flowing river? Most would choose a flowing river since in nature stagnant water is often an incubator for bacteria and parasites. Yet, water in a flowing river doesn’t have a chance to warm in the hot sun, which makes it harder for dangerous germs to survive and multiply. Some studies found the human species acquired a taste for cold water to protect ourselves from possible diseases. 

Ice Water is More Refreshing After a Workout

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The experience of drinking ice water when you’re overheated can quench your entire body, which is why you crave it during exercise. Heat exhaustion or heat stroke is common during the summer. When you drink ice water before, during, and after a workout it can delay or reduce the rise in your body temperature, providing a refreshing feeling in the process.

The Physical Sensation of Drinking Cold Water Tells Your Brain that You’re Rehydrating

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Studies also suggest that the immediate relief we get from drinking ice water is purely psychological. Think back to the last time you were thirsty and couldn’t wait to chug a glass of water. When you finally did, was your thirst immediately satisfied? You probably felt refreshed even before the water had time to enter your stomach or your bloodstream. Researchers from the University of California San Francisco theorize the neurons in the brain that monitor blood composition can trigger the feeling of thirst whenever the body’s water levels are imbalanced. It is believed that as soon as you start drinking cold liquids, the signals from the neurons subside and they completely turn off once you consume enough liquid.

A Quench Ice and Water Machine Offers an Endless Supply of Clean, Great-Tasting Ice

Now you know why ice water tastes so good, but is it good for you? Some believe ice water causes a bodily imbalance and slows down the digestive process. Yet, Western medicine shows little evidence to prove that cold water is bad for you. According to research, ambient water between 50 and 72 degrees allows our bodies to rehydrate faster because it is absorbed more quickly. However, most people are more inclined to drink colder water, leaving them more hydrated than if they were to drink ambient water less frequently. Drinking cold water also burns slightly more calories than drinking ambient water. Regardless of temperature, water is good for overall health. It can help the body flush out toxins, aid digestion, and prevent constipation. The Quench Water Experts suggest going with what you prefer since you’ll most likely drink more of it.

If you’re trying to get your employees to drink more water this summer, we strongly recommend looking into a water cooler with an ice maker. Giving workers access to an endless supply of both water and ice is an effective way to get them to hydrate more frequently. Quench has several ice machine rental options that are great for the office this time of year. Some of our go-to ice machine rentals include the Quench 950Quench 980-12, and the Quench 990 Series (available with SensorSAFE infrared touchless dispensing technology).

Ice maker machines not only encourage your workers to drink more, they’re a good way to boost the overall morale in your office. It can enhance the office ambience and offer a refreshing treat to look forward to throughout the day. Most businesses provide their workers with water coolers. But a water cooler with an ice maker is a definite upgrade from the office norms. Plus, ice dispensers are sure to be appreciated during the sweltering weather.

Quench offers a range of ice dispensers to improve different workplace environments. To help you determine which ice maker machine is best for your workplace, click here to use our Product Finder, and if you have any questions, just give us a call at 6109302334.