Comparing Commercial Ice Machines: Price & Features

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You’re ready to rent a Quench commercial ice machine. You just can’t decide which one you want. Does this sound like you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Quench ice machines are available in all shapes, sizes, and storage capacities. Some ice machines dispense just ice, some dispense ice and water, and some even dispense ice, cold water, ambient water, AND hot water!  We’ve got dispensers for small offices, large warehouses, school cafeterias, retail stores, gymnasiums, spas, restaurants — you name it!

The possibilities are not endless, but they are plentiful. If you want to take the next steps towards a more brag-worthy workplace, keep reading. We’ve got a commercial ice machine that’s sure to get your employees excited about the daily grind.

Comparison Table

Ice comparison table


The price of a commercial ice machine is dependent on many factors (ice type, filtration, term length, number of Quench units in your contract, filtration, etc.). Daily ice production rate and storage capacity will have the biggest influence over the cost of your commercial ice machine. Our smaller capacity units hold up to 7 pounds of ice at one time. Customers who rent those smaller units can expect to pay the same as they would for a 20 lbs. bag of ice per day. However, a warehouse, restaurant, or hotel will require a much larger capacity ice machine to keep up with the demand of guests and employees. For those businesses, Quench offers behemoths that store as much as 532 pounds per. Larger machines can wind up costing about the same as two 20 lbs. bags of ice per day.


The capacity of your ice machine is based on how much ice your machine can produce in one day and how much ice your machine can store in one day. Quench offers a wide range of capacities to accommodate your daily users. Our smallest capacity machine stores up to 7 pounds of ice and produces 125 pounds of ice per day. Our largest capacity ice machine stores up to 532 pounds of ice and produces 575 pounds of ice per day. Contact a Quench Water Expert to determine the capacity that fits your facility’s needs.

Countertop vs. Freestanding vs. Undercounter

Quench ice and water dispensers come in 3 main configurations.

      • Freestanding: First, you have your freestanding options with a no-bend ergonomic design. Freestanding machines are great for larger workspaces with more floor space than countertop space.
      • Countertop: On the flip side, those that work in smaller offices can browse the Quench countertop models. Each countertop ice machine stores the same amount of ice as its freestanding counterpart. Yet, instead of resting on floors like freestanding machines, countertop models install directly on counters to leave room for other office amenities like refrigerators or vending machines.
      • Undercounter: Perhaps you have more space under your counters than you do on top. Quench has 2 undercounter ice machines with varying capacities. You have the Quench 979/Quench 978 for small to mid-size spaces. The Quench 979/978 stores 7 lbs. of chewable ice at a time. For larger spaces like hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc., we have the Quench 905, which stores up to 90 lbs. of ice at a time.

Types of Ice

When choosing a Quench ice machine, you’ll want to consider the type of ice your machine dispenses. Quench ice machines dispense 3 types of ice.

Those types include:

      • Chewable ice: Chewable ice absorbs quickly and is easy to chew, making it an office crowd pleaser. You can find Chewable ice in the Quench 960, the Quench 970 Series, and the Quench 980 Series.
      • Half-dice ice: Often great in soft drinks, half-dice ice is smooth and easy to chew. This type of ice is used for bagging and used in environments that offer a self-serving option like offices, restaurants, hotels, or even convenience stores. Quench machines with half-dice ice include the Quench 998, the Quench 994, and the Quench 992.
      • Tulip ice: This hollowed-out cube chills your beverage more evenly since the surrounding liquid can touch both the inside and outside of the cube. Tulip ice is offered in the Quench 950.

Filtration & Sanitization

Quench ice machines use advanced filtration and purification technologies to deliver the cleanest, best-tasting ice. Your filtration needs will vary depending on your location. Quench Water Experts will either equip your ice machine with an advanced carbon filter or a reverse osmosis filter to reduce chlorine, chemical contaminants, sediment, off-tastes, and odors. Our newest carbon filter also removes 99.9% of lead. Additionally, some Quench commercial ice machines feature LED UV-C sanitization to help maintain the cleanliness of the system.

Some Quench ice machines, like the Quench 970/975, come with drainless technology capable of recycling melted water from stored ice. Drainless ice machines do not require a direct connection to your building’s water line. So, you can essentially install them anywhere in your building!


Quench has touchless options to give you peace of mind when it comes time to dispense. Nearly every Quench ice machine has a touchless add-on. Those add-ons include sensor-activated panels, dual-action foot pedals, and more. Click HERE for help choosing the right touchless dispenser for your workplace.

Get an Ice Machine for Your Office

If you have questions about Quench ice machines, we want to hear them! Contact your local Quench representative to get all your queries answered. Quench sales reps (also referred to as Quench Water Experts) can recommend the exact right capacity, size, shape, functions, and filtration your business needs. No need to worry. We’ve got you.

Just give us a call or fill out a “Get a Free Quote” form, and we’ll do the rest.