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Quench 978/979

Undercounter Ice Machine With Water – 7 lb. storage

  • Undercounter ice machine and filtered water dispenser
  • Produces fan-favorite chewable nugget ice
  • Dispenses room temperature filtered water on-demand
  • Total ice-making capability of up to 125 lb. a day
  • Stores up to 7 lb. of chewable ice
  • Carbon filtration or reverse osmosis (RO) filtration
  • Drainless technology
  • Undercounter design is ADA compliant
  • Leak detection notification technology
  • Ice-only model: Quench 978
Ideal For:
Prof. Services or Offices
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Product Details

  • Drink Clean: Quench point-of-use ice and water dispensers use advanced filtration and sanitization technologies like carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, UV sanitization, and antimicrobial surface protection to remove sediment, reduce lead and other chemicals, and get rid of off-tastes and odors.
  • Save Money:  By filtering water straight from your building’s pipes using point-of-use filtration technologies, you skip the costs and waste of bottling, bagging, packaging, and shipping ice and water. Quench bottleless ice and water cooler rentals eliminate hidden costs by charging a single, all-inclusive monthly fee.
  • Save Time: You’re busy; your last worry should be your workplace ice and water quality. Let Quench handle your ice and drinking water solutions so you can get back to what really matters.
  • Save The Environment: Bagging ice and bottling water is not only expensive, it’s wasteful. Quench bottleless ice machines and water coolers reduce plastic waste and the pollution of ice and water delivery by filtering your building’s own drinking water using point-of-use filtration.

Product Specifications

Quench 979/978
31.5 in. h x 14.6 in. w x 22.1 in. d for ADA compliance
Dispensing Area Height
8.5 in.
94 lb.
Ice Output
Up to 125 lb./100 lb. of ice in 24 hours
Ice Storage
7 lb.
Recommended Water Pressure
10-70 PSI
Rated Voltage/Frequency
115v/60Hz @ 5 amps
Power Consumption
6.9 kWh/100 lb. of ice
Not applicable
6 in. in front
Model Number

Installation and Maintenance

Our certified technicians train at “Quench University” where they master the technology behind each filtered water system and what it takes to keep the filtered water dispensers operational. When you rent from Quench, you enjoy:

  • Easy installs that typically take less than an hour
  • Annually scheduled inspections and filter changes
  • Responsive representatives who are on call from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST to answer your questions

Local Service on a National Scale

Our in-depth knowledge of water conditions across North America makes us the ideal partner for any business looking to invest in a water filtration system. We conduct over 260,000 water quality tests annually, allowing us to tailor our advanced filtration and sanitization technologies according to your local water quality and filtration needs.

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Quench Reviews

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Quench USA Inc.
My guys said they ‘love the taste of the water and the ice’...I like the machine itself. It’s so modern and looks really clean.
Quench USA Inc.
After extensive research, our company found that Quench was the best deal for both the pricing and what it has to offer. The customer service is exceptional both over the phone and during the installation process.