Comparing Bottleless Water Coolers: Price & Features

Bottleless Water Cooler

Did you know Quench has one of the most comprehensive product roadmaps in the industry? It’s true! Quench customers can choose from a lineup of 30+ unique point-of-use water products, including six bottleless water coolers. From small startups to corporate enterprises, ballrooms to board rooms, film fests to fall fests, and everything in between, Quench has a hydration solution that fits your exact needs.

Our guide below breaks down our products by price, capacity, filtration, and more to help you choose the best bottleless water cooler for your business.

Bottleless Water Coolers

Quench’s bottleless water coolers turn tap water into great-tasting hot or cold mineral-infused water called quenchWATER+. Each Quench Q-Series product line machine comes fully equipped with advanced filtration technologies and features a sleek design to enhance any workplace surrounding.

 Quench Bottleless Water Cooler Comparison Chart


The price of your bottleless water cooler will vary depending on your contract agreements. Similar to renting a home, the monthly cost of your water cooler decreases as you commit to a longer rental agreement. For example, the price per cooler per month will be more if you sign a month-to-month term instead of a four-year term. Other factors that could impact the cost of your machine include the filtration system you require (reverse osmosis vs. advanced carbon filtration), the number of Quench units you need, and the capacity of your machine. A single standard capacity Quench bottleless water cooler costs the same or less than the price of one single-use bottle of water per day. That means you can hydrate everyone in your office for the same amount of money you would need to hydrate just one person one time.


Quench offers six bottleless water coolers to accommodate your building’s size and configuration. Each Quench bottleless water cooler falls into one of three categories:

  • Standard capacity: serves up to 25 daily users
  • High capacity: serves up to 50 daily users
  • Commercial capacity: serves up to 100 daily users

The capacity of your Quench water machine is based on how much cold water the tank in your machine can store at a time. Standard capacity machines like the Quench Q3 or the Quench Q4 have smaller storage tanks, which make them perfect for serving smaller offices of up to 25 daily users.

The Quench Q5, Quench Q7, and Quench Q8 are for businesses like professional services or large enterprises with 50 or fewer daily users.

If your building sees hundreds of people a day (think large warehouses, cafeterias, hospitals, etc.), you’ll need a commercial capacity Quench Q12 on your side. Capable of storing up to six gallons of cold and ambient water at a time, the Quench Q12 can hydrate even the most crowded facilities.


quenchWATER+ filtration chart

Quench Q-Series machines dispense premium, electrolyte-enhanced water called quenchWATER+. There are five stages of filtration that are required to create quenchWATER+. See a breakdown of each stage below:

Filter 1: Sediment Filter

  • The sediment filter removes large contaminants and dissolved solids larger than 10 microns, or roughly the size of a piece of sand.

Filter 2: Pre-carbon Filter

  • Next, the water passes through a carbon filter where anything larger than five microns, or the size of a speck of flour, gets removed.

Filter 3: Reverse Osmosis

  • Reverse osmosis differs can rid water of up to 99.9% of all contaminants and sediments, or particles as small as .001 micron.

Filter 4: Mineral+ Addback

  • Other than hydrogen and oxygen, not much is left in your water after it passes through the sediment, pre-carbon, and reverse osmosis filters mentioned above. Those three filters work together to remove even the smallest solvents, including hydrating minerals.  Water that doesn’t contain enough minerals, when consumed, can leach minerals from your body. To ensure your body gets all the minerals it needs to say hydrated, Quench Q-Series machines offer a Mineral+ Addback filter. As the name suggests, the Mineral+ Addback filter adds back a blend of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium to your water. Those mineral additives produce revitalizing and refreshing water. Mineral additives also promote alkalinity by increasing the pH level of municipal water.

Filter 5: Polishing Filter

  • The polishing filter uses carbon and coconut husk fibers to purify your water one last time. The result? Crisp, clean, revitalizing alkaline water, which studies suggest, allows the body to absorb water more readily and hydrate faster.


Quench machines use LED UVC sanitization to deactivate or kill microorganisms. Independent testing concludes that UV technology can eliminate 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.999% of viruses, and 99.9% of parasites, including cryptosporidium and giardia.[1]

As an absolute last line of defense, Quench Q-Series machines feature antimicrobial surface protection on the outer tank. Antimicrobial technology is designed to inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria on surfaces and stops the spread of pathogens. So, your water is filtered, sanitized, and protected right up until the very moment it enters your glass, bottle, mug, etc.


Keep your hands clean with the Quench Q-Series sensor-activated touchless water dispensers for office settings. The Quench Q-Series sensor-activated touchless water dispensers are 100% contactless, meaning no touching, stepping, or pushing is required. Instead, you simply wave a finger or hand over the Position Sensitive Detector (PSD) buttons on the front panel to activate your machine. Sensor-activated technology is available on the Quench Q4, Quench Q8, and Quench Q12. Those who prefer foot pedal options can ask about the Quench Q7 dual-action foot pedal.

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